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Curtis Allen (Courteous Rock) was born March 13th,2010 5lbs 4oz  35 weeks gestation 2.5 years later he is 29lbs active, curious, and always keeps us on our toes.

Bradley is an Instrument Repair Technician, Teacher, Drummer, and our Constant Rock.

Chelsey is a Stay at Home Mom & Wife, most wouldn't find that title very important, but to me it is the most important job I could have. I love to bake, cook, sew, craft, and any other DIY project.

Halbert Homestead Stats
October 1st 2008- Engaged!

June 15th 2009- Our Wedding Day!
July 26th 2009- We're Pregnant!
November 20th 2009- It's a BOY!
February 26th 2010- Went into preterm labor, on bed rest.
March 12th 2010- Checked into hospital for low fluid to induce
March 13th 2010- Curtis Allen 3:42am 5pounds 4ounces
December 30th 2010-We're Pregnant!
January 11th 2011- Lost our sweet Baby.
February 13th, 2012- We're Pregnant! Due October 25th, 2012 
April 2012- It's A Girl! Evelyn Dawn Halbert


  1. Just saw your comment about snow on Growing Up Geeky's blog. We're also in Colorado (the Denver area) and got that huge snow storm. I clicked to your blog -- our kids were born two days apart! That's crazy.

    1. That's awesome! We are in Castle Rock, and I delivered my son at Littleton Adventist Hospital :) I'm originally (6th gen) Southern California girl too (Saw on your blog you moved here from CA) :) The snow was insane, we got about 24inches in our backyard, with 4-5foot drifts!

  2. I also saw your guest post on Growing Up Geeky! It brought happy tears to my eyes to read about your ttc journey. This is our first month ttc and it's so nice hearing stories like yours (especially when there is so much "unknown" when you are first ttc). Thanks for being transparent and giving your testimony. What a beautiful one it is! :)


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