Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hi Friends,

I'm beginning to notice a pattern in my blog-life. It seems for the past 3 bloggy years, I have kind of fall off the blog-world between april-june. I don't know if it's "writers block", life with 2 kids, or the fact that May/June bring Mothers day, My Birthday, Husbands Birthday, Fathers Day, and our Anniversary. Throw in a vacation in there, and well it makes for a busy few months. 

I've opened up this screen many times, knowing I haven't updated Evelyn's 7 month post, knowing I got asked to do sponsor posts last month, that I didn't take up. The guilt was eating up at me, till I finally just shut the computer down and walked away. No explanation to the blog world, I just disappeared for awhile 
(unless you followed me on Instagram or Facebook) 

Until today,  I thought I'm going to write a blog post. It won't be perfect, it won't have beautifully edited pictures, it may not even make any sense. But it is. It's a start to opening up this blog again. 

I miss my bloggy-friends, I hope you missed me too (or remember who I am in this blog-world) 

So here's to new posts, updates, and most of all pictures of my adorable kiddos.


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