Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Evelyn Dawn | 6 Months Old

Weight: 14.5lbs 

Eating:  She is still nursing, every 3.5-4hours and at night we can't seem to kick the 11pm and 5am feedings yet. We did start her on solids! Her first foods was Peas. She gobbled them up, like a pro. Since then she's had Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Pears, Apples, and Banana. Unlike her brother, she had no gagging issues. She even ate the home made carrot puree which was a bit chunky. She eats 2x a day. Breakfast/Dinner. 

Sleeping: She had a couple weeks of regressing in sleep, once we introduced solids she was back to sleeping longer stretches. I think she needed that added nutrients to get her through the night. Nap time we are still working on, most days she ends up taking two naps in the morning/lunch time, each lasting 30-1hour. Then in the afternoon she'll nap 2-3hours.

Milestones: Besides rolling, (only when she deems necessary) she loves to sit up and is really quite good at it. She can last about 5 minutes with a toy in front of her. Other wise she flops to her belly to reach a different toy. 

She's such a happy baby, she loves to smile and adores her brother. She starts to squeal/screech at him when he walks by and doesn't pay attention to her. Her hair is finally coming in, dark too! total opposite of the blondie Curtis is. Be interesting to see if it stays that way.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mom's 60!

My Momma turned 60 on the 31st (Also Easter Sunday) We celebrated with just us girls a week before her birthday. We surprised her with a tea at Glen Eryie Castle in Colorado Springs. On our way there we ran into some goats, which caused us to be late to the tea. 
Oh Colorado and your wildlife!

The Ladies 
(minus my sister taking the picture) 

 Our first tea together!

My beautiful Mom, does not look 60!
 praying the Lord blessed me with her aging genes!! 

Left To Right: Sharon, Annamarie, Heather(sister), Dawn (mom), Evelyn, Me, Cashel (Sister)

Happy Birthday Mom! 
Love you, and praying for 60 more...you can do 120 right? :) 

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