Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Kids | The Good & The Bad

Here are some examples of my reality of having two kids... Do your kids do this to you too? 

The Bad

When mommy's patience is gone and I'm trying my hardest to not get annoyed as is throwing the toys at Evelyn on the play mat. The times he's crushing her by putting his entire body weight on her, and won't move until I pick him up (Even if she's crying at him)  Or pushing in the paci into her mouth when she doesn't want/need it.  He's not meaning it meanly towards her, he's just being a 3 year old and sometimes the concept of gentle goes out the window. 

The Good

Curtis & Evelyn carry on quite the conversations lately. Evelyn with her babbling and grunting, Curtis with is "Sweet Girl "Aw I just love you" and his ever favorite phrase "Ooh Look at Etta-Wynn Mom, aw she's cute" He adores her just so. He never complains if I ask him to hand mommy a diaper, or quick run and grab a paci! He's very attentive to her needs. He always makes sure she has her toys. When she's on the play mat, he will often have me scoot over, so he can chat with her. I'm beyond blessed he loves his little sister.

The Bad

The days where Curtis pouts around the house, because I simply cannot give him the attention he needs that day. When Evelyn is having a "high maintenance day" or needing extra snuggles before nap time, which results in my 3 year old pouting/crying in the hall because I told him to be quiet 2x already and not to wake his sister who just fell asleep. 
The times were he wants to go bye-bye and run errands like we use to. Just me and him. However now the planning, the diaper bag, the arranging schedules, the clothes, hats, coats, carseat, stroller that all have to be arranged to go out the door, makes impromptu "adventures" in the car rare. 

The Good

The times Bradley and I go on dates with Curtis. Making sure he's loved on,  snuggled, and has that attention he needs. Our dates might consist of a grocery store run, or a bank stop.  Most of the time accompanied by a drive-thru drink or treat. We try to make it happen 1x a week, but sometimes that's not feasible. Sometimes it's just taking 10-15 minutes playing trains, or cars with him without the distraction of lil sister around. We can always tell when he starts acting up at night around bed time, if he hasn't had enough mommy or daddy time. 

The Bad
Meal Time

It is inevitable, every time I sit down to eat my breakfast/lunch/dinner a kid needs me. either a "i gotta go poop mom!" or a crying hungry baby. Even if I wait to eat my lunch when there down for nap, those tend to be the days evelyn goes "Ha! what nap, I just had a 20min power sleep" 50% of the time I sit down to nurse Evelyn, Curtis ends up falling or crying about something. Sometimes he refuses to go potty on his own (Even though he can do it by himself) I'm sure part of it is jealousy because I'm spending 1 on 1 time nursing Evelyn, but a lot of the time it's just pure coincident.    

The Good

This is only temporary. Pretty soon all 3 of us can sit down to lunch in peace. Evelyn will soon go in a high chair, Curtis well..he will most likely always have that mid-lunch poop. His system is programmed that way I swear. ;) 

Eventually evelyn's nursing times will spread out, and there will be fewer times I will have to stop mid-nurse to wipe a butt, or kiss a boo-boo. (not that I mind it THAT much) 

The Bad
Bed Time

If Bradley is at work late, and I have to do the bath/bed routine by myself. Seriously major props to single moms/military wives, who have to deal with a toddler/baby at bed time. Trying to balance PJ's, nursing, making sure the toddlers quiet while I put the baby down, or making sure the baby's quiet while I tuck the boy in. It's a never ending process. 
The times when the kids decide to split nights. My toddler who never wakes up at night, ends up waking up for 2hrs at 2am, while his sister who hasn't slept through the night (Because of RSV/Colds) in weeks finally does an 8hour stretch. Isn't that always the case? 

The Good
Can I get an amen for helpful husbands? Bradley is awesome at bed time, We swap who bathes what kid, and who gets their pj's on. He reads books while I put Evelyn down, then I go in for the final bed time song/kiss. We make a great team, and I'd likely loose my sanity without his helpful self. (as noted above)

The nights where they both STTN?...That my friends is a WIN! I cannot wait until that is the new normal (soon! Sleep training is in the near future!) 

Am I the only crazy mom that deals with these issues? 
I have a feeling I'm not alone. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Choo Choo Party!

Saturday the 16th we celebrated Curtis's 3rd Birthday with C's cousins and BFF Kayley (trevor too!) With the previous day being 70 and sunny, I was slightly bummed when it was 40 and overcast on the day of the party! But we didn't let it ruin our day out. 
Curtis's party was at the Colorado Rail Road Museum. We rented out a train, to have lunch, cake and presents. Then we got to explore a TON of trains, Curtis was in heaven...and I'm pretty sure all the adult daddy's were enjoying the trains as well :) 

Now for the pictures
(totally unedited)

Curtis Playing Conductor / Family Photo in front of the "goose" train we rode on. 

Evelyn waiting for the train / All the kiddos enjoying the view from a train.

Very excited Curtis / Mommy talking with friends

Balloons from the Museum / Curtis waiting for cousins to arrive!

Cousins and Treat Bags!

Chowing down on their lunches / Lunch Bags

Still can't believe I have a 3 year old!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Evelyn Dawn | 5 Months Old

Weight: 13.5lbs 
She is so petite compared to Curtis. Curtis was 18lbs at 5months old!! Granted he pretty much nursed 24/7, where as Evelyn likes her schedule. 

Eating: She's not a comfort nurser at all. She likes to eat every 3-4 hours, Closer to the 3 hour mark, when she begins solids I'll spread her out farther between feedings 4-4.5hrs. Most likely starting solids around 6months, With Curtis we started at 5.5 months...but just not feeling like Evie will be ready. We started Curtis earlier than 6months to help with his reflux. 

Sleeping: It's been a long battle of the sniffles in our house, after RSV bout she seemed to have the sniffles for ever...and we still have them this week! All this past week when she woke up I would have to suction her out, so she could breathe and lay back down. So my great plan of sleep training at 4.5months didn't happen. Last night she surprised us with doing an 8 hour stretch then 3 more hours...which is exactly what she was doing before she caught RSV. So I'm praying that we are turning a corner and are getting back into a groove of sleeping. She did fuss during the long stretch, but only for a minute and put herself back to sleep! huzzah! 

Milestones: Miss Evelyn rolled from back to belly and belly to back about 4 times now. 2 of those times I was out of the room when she did it! Stinker! I know she can do it, but she's very picky on when she wants too. She's more than happy batting at her toys on the play mat, then to bother rolling around. She also is babbling a ton, mama, blah blah etc.. So far no dada, but it's coming soon!

Issues: This update is more like issues resolved! We have officially been on zantac for a 
month and 1/2 now! I didn't post anything about it on her 4month update, because I was testing her making sure we wouldn't have to put her back on it. But so far we've been golden! Another very exciting milestone for Mommy more than Evelyn is I am eating dairy again! I tested her out with a slice of cheese on a sandwich about 2 weeks ago. She wasn't anymore or less her normal fussy behavior (which is minimal) I've so far have just had cheese, I haven't tried full on milk, or creams. (Maybe a couple sips of cream here and there, but nothing major) I have noticed that my own IBS has acted up, so I will most likely stay on the almond/coconut milk. Otherwise my love affair with cheese is back on! 

Why yes my daughter does not like to smile for these pictures! All she wanted to do was lean forward and eat her toes the entire time, every time I layed her back she would pout and get mad at me.....hince the no smiles 

and because comparisons are fun...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Madness...

Google Friend Connect is going bye-bye, this JULY. Hop on the bandwagon and join Bloglovin' you WON'T be sorry. Follow our blog through there, I even promise to be better about blogging ;) Follow THH on Bloglovin

March is INSANELY busy month for my family/extended family. We have 6 birthdays this month (sisters, son, mother, BIL, and FIL) Throw in Easter and St. Patrick's day...and well you end up with a jam packed schedule. Busy month means a lot of pictures! So here's the post where I dump all of the pictures that are too cute not to share, but don't have time for individual posts! 

     First off look at my gorgeous family! (Missing my brother's family) We visited the Wings over the Rockies Museum this past Sunday, it was a beautiful (windy) day. Although I was a bit disappointed to find out Harrison Ford had a gala back in 2009 at this place...I totally would have payed a pretty penny to be in the same room with him ;) 

 Went out to dinner with my mother and two sisters, to celebrate my sister's birthday's (the 5th, 6th of march) 

Birthday morning for the big 3 year old (don't ask me what kind of grin this is ha!) Orange/Blue Mickey Pancakes for the kiddo. Completed the night with presents and dinner with the grandparents.

Paitently waiting for his presents...

 Posts Scheduled for this week...
3rd Birthday Party!
5 Month Evie Update

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three Cheers for 3!!

An interview with Curtis 

*p.s. I'm a total geek and scheduled this post to come out exactly at 3:42am on the 13th when Curtis was born ;) *
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