Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The one were I ramble..

I can't even count on both hands how many times we've been sick this winter. From stomach bugs, random fevers, and colds like crazy. It normally starts with Curtis and goes straight through the family. I know all these sickness are great for building immunity in little man, however do I want all these immunity building sickness with my infant in the house? and mommy running on fumes. Oye.

So let's be real for a minute, my house has been a disaster more times then clean in the past 2 months. Laundry has taken permanent residency on my couch, I've been using more paper products (plates/cups) to avoid doing the dishes, because I simply do not have time/energy to get them done.  The front play-room is a disaster 24/7. Don't even get me started on the kids room and their clothing situation. 

Messes drive me crazy, I like to have things put away and clean...I get embarrassed if someone stops by my house and it's a mess. My husband constantly reminds me to relax, the house doesn't matter...as long as our kids are fed/clean we're good. ha! I'm trying very hard to "let go" these past two months, and I have...because I've had no choice. 

When my 4 month old is crying/nursing/waking through the night still during a growth spurt, or my sick toddler is wanting me to play with him, hold him, wipe his nose. Well the house just has to wait. (and the blog, and taking pictures, and running errands, and and and) 

The only thing that semi-keeps me feeling like I'm "Social" is Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. I can easily access  those outlets from my phone while rocking my baby, or watching peter pan for the 1,000x that day. Somehow those little bits of times I can write a status/post a picture...it's a little bit of "me" time. Time where I can take a "Mental Mommy Break" and enjoy reading a funny status, or seeing a cute picture on instagram. 

Granted their are downfalls to social media. But right now in my current state, it's helping mommy stay sane. As pathetic as that may sound. 

Curtis is down with RSV/Ear Infection...after battling with Croup earlier last week. He's been through the ringer, and I'm hoping to have a healthy/happy boy by the time his Birthday party comes around on March 16th (I haven't even had time to freak out about the fact my kid is turning 3!!! )

I so badly want to get back into the routine of blogging, I miss writing out all my thoughts (like this) posting pictures of my kiddos, connecting with other blogs, even reading other blog posts and commenting! I know this is just a season, and some moms are great at balancing the kids, and blog. I wish I could juggle it, seriously..but I think my brain would fry out and my kids would be left with zombie mommy, or my house would be even a bigger disaster. 

I am adamant about keeping up Evelyn's monthly updates, it serves as a "baby" book for her/me things I want to remember and look back on, just like I did with Curtis. 

The fact is, I wrote this during nap time...when I probably should have been doing the dishes, and putting on dinner. Sometimes the "mommy-time" needs to come first before the dishes, else won't we all loose our sanity?

Motherhood is a crazy ride, and I'm just at the beginning. I wouldn't trade this life for any other, I love my kids and I'm happy to be their spit-up catcher. 

 Bunny trail: why do us mom's always stick our hands out to catch the spit up, throw up, chewed up food...then we're sitting there with a handful of gunk and can't pick up our crying kid. It must be natural reaction to grab whatever comes out of our childs mouth. apparently.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, putting out into the abyss helps take one more weight off my mommy-shoulders. This should be pretty good birth control for any of my single or married w/o kids followers...but then if you read the majority of my other blog posts about how insanely cute my kids are and their funny sayings..you might get baby fever. Guess it all evens out in the end right?

*in full mommy-discloser, this blog post wasn't proof-read, or edited...it was me typing in the 30 minute window that both my kids were napping. Deal with the errors folks*

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Evelyn Dawn | 4 Months Old

This picture sums up litle miss diva. She's become quite the drama queen as of late. Between the teething, growth spurt, 4month wakeful, she's been a demanding little booger ;) But oh so cute!! During these pictures she was having a fit, it was hard to get her to smile, or look up...she keep rolling down looking at her pretty dress and touching it. She was fascinated with it and could care less about the camera. 

Weight: 13.5 according to our home scale. We go in this next week for an official weight/length! 

Eating: Oh boy have we hit a growth spurt, this past week she's been nursing a lot more frequently, and you can see it in her bum/thighs...baby's got back! ;)  I'm also constantly thankful that breastfeeding is going so well, she's a pro-latcher and really self-scheduled herself from the beginning. Curtis' nursing journey was different with him being a preemie and dealing with pumping/tubes/syringe feeding, and I had my fair share of cracked/bleeding nipples with him. It's a nice change of pace this time having such an easy nurser! Although the recent teething/biting/pulling on mommy is becoming quite uncomfortable ;) 

Sleeping: Along with the growth spurt, came the 4 month wakeful. I'm ready to sleep through the night again without a 3am feeding! I will say she's becoming harder to put to sleep lately, it's taking longer than normal. I am looking forward to the time I can lay her down and she will go to sleep on her own, although I love rocking her and I am cherishing every moment of it. With Curtis I would sing a song and rock for 5 minutes and then lay him in his bed (awake) and he'd go to sleep on his own. I'm hoping to get Evie there soon too. 

Milestones: Aunt Heather named her the Lioness, she is a very good growler. I need to try and catch it on video. She loves to "Yell" at us too. She can roll to her side (From her back) and arches her head back so far, she's so close to rolling! 

Issues: I'm finding if I eat a lot of eggs (like in the morning) she is very fussy at night, so add that to my list of "foods to avoid" so far I have been doing good being dairy free, however this past week I've been craving a big bite of sharp cheddar cheese...like omg you don't even know. I'm crossing my fingers she out grows the dairy allergy like Curtis did at 5months....wishful thinking?
Apparently she doesn't like smiling for these pictures ha! 

Now for some outtakes....
Little Miss High Maintenance 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

1 Baby Girl Later

A year ago today, I took a pregnancy test for probably the 500th time in the course of 13 months after our miscarriage. Each special day I'd think "wouldn't it be great to surprise Bradley with a positive test" whether it was his birthday, thanksgiving, christmas etc... Each special day passed, until valentines day 2012 was upon us. I knew it was early to test (9dpo) but I figured this would be a great valentines surprise! I used a cheap stick and saw a faint line. I couldn't wait till the next day (v-day) to tell him, and needed better confirmation. 
 So I called my husband to get his but home from work and pick up a digital test. 
2  bathroom trips later.
We got our Positive/Baby. 
February 13th 2012

The next day I came home to this on our bed
My sweet husband got me a onesie for our soon to be baby.
Even in the right size!

1 year later, we have our beautiful perfect Evelyn.
Wearing the onesie her daddy picked out especially for our long awaited baby.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Evelyn Dawn | 3 Months Old (2weeks late)

So apparently I am terrible at getting theses posts out on time, (What's new though) Evelyn turned 3 months old on January 21st, we feel like overnight she's grown into this little personality with giggles! Although the newborn days were rough, I'm sad to see her growing so fast.

Weight: 12.5 lbs! She's up 2.5lbs in 1 month! Growing baby. 

Length: Yeah this one I'm finding hard to get with her, so I think we'll update this one at her 4month appointment ;)

Eating: She is still my scheduled little girl, does not like nursing before it's time. Although I think we went through a growth spurt because she was eating every 2hrs instead of her normal 3-4hrs. She's starting to get distracted (not yet!) while nursing and likes to look around, especially if her brother is making noises.

Sleeping: She was doing great 7hour stretches, but in the midst of her growth spurt it was every 4 hours. She tends to stir at the 45min mark from 8pm-11pm every night, then her long stretch from 11pm on. Been trying to get her on an earlier bed time, it's a work in progress that's for sure. Since she's a tummy sleeper, we won't be doing our sleep training until she can roll over either way. We sleep trained Curtis at 5 1/2 months and that worked great for us, So hopefully Evie will follow suit. 

Milestones: She's become quite the talker, she lets you know what's up and how she's feeling. She does a pretty funny giggle, sometimes she gets to excited she can't get out. 

Issues: She doesn't like the carsteat/car. So it's made for interesting trips to run errands. Oye.

Look at how much she's grown!!

Curtis wanted in on the pictures, he did this kiss all on his own. He calls her "sweet girl" most of the time, and this picture sums it up. He loves his sweet girl. 

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