Monday, January 21, 2013


It's been 19 days since I last blogged. I posted an update about my sweet boy that short update took me 2 days to write. Which normally would take me 20-30minutes pre-2-kids. 

I debated writing this post, because as of late a lot of my mommy-friend-bloggers are getting grief for "complaining" by anonymous comments, one mommy-blogger handled her situation gracefully over twitter,facebook, and her blog.  She's a sweet blogger, with 2 adorable boys....and she knows life isn't perfect, and neither are mommies! 

So stepping out, I am writing this post....a reality of MY motherhood. 
(Let's see how long it takes me to write this post) 
My Reality Is...

Going from One to Two is challenging. 

Learning a new babies routine, likes, dislikes, is challenging. 

Learning how to balance big brother and make him feel loved while nursing little girl, is hard.

Finding time for "Me" is nearly impossible. 

Finding time for my Husband & I is essential.

Breaking down in the middle of the night, while rocking my awake baby is reality.

Knowing my amazing Mother and Sisters are text messages away with encouraging words is  comforting.

Remembering that others have been here, done that, got the t-shirt, keeps me motivated. 

Remembering that my Husband is my rock during my most overwhelming moments.

Remembering that my God is my foundation in my most challenging moments.

Being reminded that crying, breaking down, loosing it, is OKAY and normal for moms. 

Finding God's Grace in my day-to-day struggles, is essential for my survival as a mom.

My Reality is composed of not only struggles....But moments defined with love.   

No matter how many struggles I may face as Mom, their  unconditional love for me is the biggest blessing I have received as a mom. 


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Curtis Allen | 33 Months

Our little man is not so little anymore, he's grown 3 inches in just 2 1/2 months! He also lost 2lbs from the sickness that plagued December, we are working on putting some weight back on his bones :) So right now he is tall and skinny! 

Christmas Day 163

He is full of such personality, he's becoming very polite with everything....for example "Thank you for wiping my butt Mom" yup that's what he told me yesterday after he pooh'd on the potty ;) He's a very loving son to both Bradley and I, and loves to show affection to us with hugs, kisses, and telling us he loves us. He is a doting big brother to Evelyn, he makes sure she has her paci if she starts crying in the carseat. He loves to hold her hand in the car, and makes sure the sun is out of her eyes. 

January2013 014

I can see the terrible 3's approaching (Forget 2's that was easy) he's testing his will with us, and thankfully responds well to our instructions (most of the time) If he get's off his routine, doesn't nap, or eat is asking for disaster. He's a social butterfly, and LOVES to be around people, especially his kids (cousins) He get's very talkative smiley, and excited around visitors! He always wants to go in the car to go somewhere, even if it's just Target. He doesn't like it when Bradley takes "His Car" because he knows that means him and I aren't leaving anywhere that day. 

Christmas Day 264
January2013 010

He's already asking about his birthday party, now that Christmas is over. He wants a Fireman Sam birthday party, with a Fireman Sam Cake...Time for mommy to be creative, since Fireman Sam (Netflix) is an UK cartoon. Etsy here I come! :)

We can't wait to see what next adventure Curtis takes us on, he's always full of surprises, and never a dull moment! 

We love you Kiddo!! Don't grow up too fast!!

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