Saturday, June 1, 2013

Part One | Florida 2013

Since we are back tracking for awhile..Here is our Florida vacation from the beginning of May. It was a last minute decision (2weeks notice) to fly to Florida for a long weekend to visit Bradley's family. Summer is the busiest time for Bradley's work, so true summer vacations are out. The tickets prices were right, so we jumped on them. 

Our flight was later in the afternoon, allowing the kids both to nap. Brad and I had a hard time being motivated to finish packing when our kiddos just wanted to snuggle 

Denver International Airport
 Designed to mimic the Rockies behind it. 

Waiting at the gate, Kiddos did great through security. Curtis was nervous about going through, he didn't want to take his shoes off. Eventually he took them off after a power struggle,  only for the TSA to tell me kids 12 and under don't have to take their shoes off. I wore Evelyn through the metal detector in the Ergo, they had to swipe my hands though for chemicals afterwards. But much better than going through the full-body scanner. Brad held Curtis through the metal dector as well. 

To say Curtis wasn't excited would be a total lie. This kid could NOT wait to go on the plane. Once boarded he kept asking every 2secs if we were in the air. Once we lifted off, he was in heaven. Evelyn couldn't have cared less, and decided to nurse/fall asleep on the take off. Perfect for her little ears. 




We landed at 10:30EST, so 8:30 MST. The kids were tired, but they were awesome on the hour drive to Grandma and Papa's house. 

 The only thing that could top riding on an airplane for Curtis, was Papa's boat. Kid was in heaven. The boys went out fishing the first day, while Evelyn, Grandma and I relaxed in the AC! :) 

That afternoon we played in the pool, albeit chilly. 
I wasn't going to get in until someones husband (certainly mine would never cough
threw me in. 

My hair bounced up 2inches in Fl.
I forgot how curly my hair really gets in the south/humidity. 

Part two! The beach sunset, coming at ya soon!

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