Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

2012 was a mighty big year for the Halbert Homestead. We rung in the new year with our family and friends, and come February after struggling TTC we finally saw the 1 word we were hoping for all along. Pregnant


In March we celebrated Curtis's 2nd Birthday Bash, Construction themed! We also announced to family and friends that we were expecting at the party.
We also went to the zoo to use up our membership before it expired. Curtis sat back to back with some chimpanzees 

        In April we hosted Easter at our house and saw our tiny peanut for the first time

Also in April our family welcomed the newest member, our niece Bonnie  who underwent a surgery at just a week old to repair some issues in her nose, that was causing her breathing issues. She's 100% better since the surgery, and my sister a strong NICU mama! 
 In may we made the switch to a new blog name/design!  We also found out we were expecting a GIRL!


In June we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary  and went on a mini-babymoon

In July Curtis potty trained in 3 days! Highly recommend the 3 day method.

We also had quite the exciting end of july, when Curtis fell and fractured his tibia bone. The big blue band aid went on

August we got the big blue band aid off! We celebrated at build a bear! I also turned 30weeks pregnant with Evelyn We also celebrated my dad's 59th Birthday with yummy hot dogs and frites!

September we finished Evelyns Nursery and celebrated Curtis being 2 1/2 years old! I was given a beautiful shower for Evie by family and friends. 

                  october 210
                  october 220
November I went off of dairy for the reflux issues Evelyn was having, Curtis adjusted to being a big brother  We introduced Evelyn too Grandma and Papa H. We celebrated Thanksgiving                      NOVEMBER 744107_0364

December we celebrated Christmas with the entire P* side of the family! 
(post on that coming soon)

Christmas2012 195

Here's to an even better 2013!
Happy New Year

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Evelyn Dawn | 2 Months Old

So lets just ignore the fact that Evelyn is currently 10weeks k? It's been a whirl wind between stomach virus's, holidays, family visiting, and more stomach issues with Cman. It's been challenging to find a moment to breathe and sit down long enough to write E's 2month's stats!

Let's also ignore the fact that she has yet to go to her 2 month appointment, or the fact that I have yet to schedule said 2 month old apt. :) So her weight/height are purely done at home on my own scale, and with a measuring tape. 

Weight: 10lbs according to my oh so reliable hold her 
step on scale and compare to my weight alone ;)

Length:Will update this when we go for our appointment.
But judging by her picture comparison  from 1month she's grown!

Eating: I can't say I've kept the greatest track during the day lately, with the above mentioned craziness, I can barely remember to look at the clock while feeding her. I do believe we are about 3-3.5 hours. She is soooo not how Curtis was, Curtis wanted to nurse 24/7 if I let him. I'm pretty sure he was still nursing every 1.5.-2hrs at 10weeks. Anytime I offered the boob he took it. Where as Evelyn gets mad if I offer to nurse here when it's not time, she will just scream her little head off if I put her in the position to nurse. She gives me the "uh no mom" look and then screams. It's fairly comical. 

Sleeping: We went through an awesome phase of 7-8hour stretches from 10:30 to 5:30. It was awesome. However those went away and we went back to 5hour stretches. For a long time she wouldn't sleep any earlier than 10:30, she'd cat nap between 7-8pm, wake up for 2.5hours and it would take a lot to get her to go to sleep by 10:30. But lately she's been going down a little earlier by 9:30. She'll wake and nurse at 10:30 but go straight back to bed. Then up at 3:30am for a feeding, and then 7ish. But the last 4 mornings she ends up sleeping on me from 3:30 on, because of bad gas pains. Not sure whats going on, hoping its just a phase. But she is gets really uncomfortable, cries, pumps her legs, screams...and finally she'll settle down enough on me to sleep. Naps are hit and miss, sometimes they are only 45mintues (Darn intruder) sometimes they are 2hours. We are for sure in the sleep,wake,eat, routine. Which is great, just naps are little all over the place right now.


Milestones: She's a smiley little thing, and loves to talk back to you. She just started a little raspberry blowing yesterday, not sure if it was a fluke or if we'll start seeing it more. She's also started smiling and cooing at her toys on her new playmat, or swing. Here's video of her "Talking" to daddy.

Issues: She likes to be bounced on the yoga ball to go to sleep at night..bradley or I sit on it and do little bounces until she's asleep. It's only at night time for bed, other times she just goes right  to sleep on me/brad, or swing. I know we are creating bad habits with this bouncing thing at night, but right now it's working so we're going with it. Only other real issue is the gas pains she's getting in the early morning hours. I'm already off dairy (For a month now) I'm going to take her to the chiropractor again this week, it seemed to help last time she went as well.

It's amazing how quickly they grow in the first year of life...Just looking at her 1-2 month pictures she's got so much bigger!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We are going on a little blog-cation until after Christmas! Family flying into town today, and lots of celebrations to be had! 

We hope you have a very happy holiday season

Monday, December 17, 2012

Recipe | Peanut Butter Chicken {Dairy Free}

peanutbutter chicken


4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (Or Tenders)
1/4 cup of Peanut Butter 
1/4 cup Sesame Oil / Coconut oil
1/4 cup Soy Sauce
3 tbsp. Sugar
1 tsp. Garlic, Minced
1 tsp. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (optional)


Slice Chicken into bite size pieces and saute in oil until chicken is no longer pink. Add peanut butter, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, and red pepper. Simmer on medium-low heat, until sauce is thickened and heated through about 15 minutes.

*You can omit the red pepper flakes during cooking, and allow each person can put as much/little as they like after cooking.
*After cooking, let it cool completely and place in a freezer container. Makes a great freezer meal. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Series | Dairy Free Chronicles

Welcome to the new series on THH! Dairy Free Chronicles, since going off dairy I have relied on my sisters (dairy-free veterans) and online to find recipes that work for my family that are dairy free.

We've ended up modifying a lot of recipes to fit our dairy-free ways, they are so good you don't even realize you're missing the dairy. 

We thought would share them with anyone else who might be struggling going dairy-free because of breastfeeding, IBS, Lactose intolerant, or simply want to cut out the dairy in your diet.

We have known so many mom's that have had to give up dairy for their kiddos, while BFing. It's no easy task, but happy baby = happy mom. It's worth the sacrifice. 

Let me introduce you to my sister's, who forged the road before me and started the dairy free process while BFing their babies. Give you an idea of the "Face" behind the name. 

Our eldest sister Heather, has four kids ages  7, 5, 4, 1.  She breastfed all four of them, and is currently homeschooling the older 3. The 4 and 1 year old are dairy-free currently. 

Our Middle Sister Cashel, has four kids. 
Ages 7, 6, 4, and 8 months old. 
She has breastfed all of her children and has been off dairy during all 4 of their breastfeeding duration's. She is homeschooling her older 3 children as well. 

So let's talk about some logistics, before we start this series.

Hidden Dairy 
Diary has a way of creeping into pre-packaged foods, like you wouldn't believe. This is why reading labels are SO important. Here is a list of dairy names that are often disguised on ingredient lists. 



      WHEW! See how many different types there are?! 
I would suggest printing out this list and putting it in your wallet/purse/diaper bag 
to look up to lurking dairy ingredients while in the store.

Take the time to read the labels, because you might end up like what I did this last week,
I went to our local natural grocers, and picked up this "fake cheese". I was in a hurry, and didn't read the label. 
See that? Casein (milk protein)!

So now you're probably wondering WHAT CAN I EAT! Lots! Which is what we are going to showcase to you with our recipes. 

In Our Pantry 
Here is the list of the stables in our pantries that are MUST when cooking dairy free. A lot of our recipe will include these ingredients, so I suggest stocking up on them before taking on our recipes!

dairyfreeproducts1. Almond Milk

2.Coconut Milk

3. Almond/coconut 
Mix (not pictured)

4. Earth Balance Soy Free Buttery Spread

5. Earth Balance Vegan Butter Sticks

6.Tofutti Sour Cream

7.Tofutti Cream Cheese

8. Coconut Oil (not pictured)

9.Canned Coconut Milk

10. Sliced Soy Vegan Cheese

11. Sliced Rice Cheese

Helpful Tips & Tricks
Let's talk about coconut milk, if you are not a fan of not fear! All of the recipes that will call for coconut milk, you won't be able to even taste the coconut flavor. My husband can a test to this, as he is not a coconut lover and has eaten all the meals we've made with it so far. The only recipe we make with coconut milk that you can taste the flavor is the Coconut Whipped Cream. 

Our recipes will call for refrigerated canned coconut milk. The reason why we say refrigerated cans, is because the "cream" portion of the milk rises to the top of the can, and the water at the bottom. We use the cream portion mostly, for things like whipped cream, Alfredo or cream based recipes. The water portion we hardly ever use, and really the water part has more of the coconut flavor. 

The mixed almond milk and coconut milk is great for cereal, creamer, on top of oatmeal etc..The coconut milk on its own tends to be to..well coconutty! The almond milk (vanilla)  tends to be really thick and almost too rich for cereal. So the mixed of the two works perfectly!

Are you ready to go dairy-free? Are you already dairy-free? Do you just want to cut back on the dairy in your life? 

Then follow along as we post our recipes and hopefully help out fellow dairy-freemates along the way!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Evelyn Dawn | 6 Weeks Old

What you talkin' about willis?

Look who's 6 Weeks old! Lets pretend I was on time with this post last week, and she's not 7 weeks tomorrow mmm k?  

Weight: 8lbs 12ounces on Tuesday (4th) I bet now though she is 9lbs, she seems to be gaining an ounce a day. 

Length: 22 3/4ths 

Eating: We hit the 6 week growth spurt, so it's been pretty much every 2 hours during the day and at night around 3-4 hours. 

Sleeping: She caught some sniffles this week, she's having a hard time sleeping in any position other than on mommy. So this last week she's been sleeping mostly on me and about 20 % of the time in her cradle. I'm exhausted to say the least. Oye!! 


Milestones: This picture says it all....SMILES! We have smiles! They are adorable and make the rough nights so much more bearable. 

Issues: She's been crying from 8pm-12am for the past week. I think it's a combination of her stuffy nose, the witching hour(s), and her reflux. It's been a challenging week, rough on baby, rough on mommy & daddy. We get curtis to bed by 8pm, and start the bouncing/rocking/walking routine with Evie. Maybe eventually we'll have our nights back where we can actually sit and relax for a bit. For now, the yoga ball is working really well to bounce on. I figure I'm working on my core-muscles while soothing her ..right? 

evelynbelly - Copy
It's been a rough 6 weeks, the first 2 weeks were pure baby bliss..and then the reality bomb dropped. We love our sweet girl. One day we will look back at this post and the memories of the sleepless nights / crying and only remember her sweet smiles, and how we pushed on and survived the newborn stage.

She looks how I feel.... :) 
Vintage Evelyn

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