Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday | This Boy

I can't begin to express how much joy this little guy brings us. 
From the moment he wakes up and snuggles in bed with us. 
To the moment he lays down at night and says "Hug, Hug, Kiss, Kiss" 
then says "Thank you" after we give him his hugs and kisses. 
Call me sentimental and pregnant, 
I can't believe how blessed this little guy makes me feel.

I'm counting the days I have left with just this little man and I. 
Pretty soon our world will be upside down with newborn wakings and feedings.
I have to remind myself to stop and enjoy the days laying around the house playing puzzles with my first born.

He's going to be a great big brother. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

TAT | Curtis & Melody

We have no pets... 

Unless you count the fly in our house last week, that Curtis befriended.
{which mommy couldn't kill since C was adorable saying "hi fly"}

Since this weeks Toddle Along Tuesday topic was Babies & Pets. 
I decided to tell you guys about Melody. Curtis's adopted puppy.
He's technically my parents dog, but Curtis loves Mel just the same. 

Curtis loves to take melody on walks with papa & gramma. 
He also thinks when Melody licks it tickles. 
Even after mommy told him not to let Mel lick him;) 

For now we have no plans of any future pets. Not so sure Daddy wants to cross that bridge any time soon. Nor does Mommy want to have the responsibility! 
For now we will get our fill of pet love from the grandparents dog.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics Party 2012

In my {Parker side} family, we take any and every opportunity to host a party. 
We like to decorate, cook, plan, and party. My sister put on this Olympic party for the opening ceremonies. We had relay races for the kids, fish & chips, coloring pages, tattoos, Olympic ring shaped food. We watched the opening ceremonies, which was interesting. The best part was hands down Mr. Bean on the piano. If you don't know who Mr. Bean is, do yourself a favor and watch this. 

Curtis enjoyed himself, and apparently was representing the tropical nations with his lei.

How did you celebrate the Olympic opening? ....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bump Watch: 27 Weeks 3rd tri!

  27weeks with Evelyn                                 27 weeks with Curtis
Pretty sure this is the fastest pregnancy ever. After a long time TTC, maybe this is God's way of making up for that ;) Granted I still have a nice long 13weeks left. Which I'm looking forward to enjoying, however I do get the serious baby cravings where I want to snuggle her!

Had my midwife, ultrasound, and glucose test appointment this week. Her growth is about a week behind, but nothing concerning. She's measuring around 1lb 12oz and 10.5inches. My fluid level was great at 10cm! My cervix has shortened some since 18weeks, it's right at the low end of normal now. Passed the glucose test. Belly measuring a week behind as well. I just make small babies I guess :) Need to keep an eye on my braxton hicks/contractions, my uterus likes to be an irritable one. 
She is currently head up, and her knee's are down..this girl needs to turn around
Everything else looks good though. 

Cutest thing during the ultrasound, Curtis reached towards the big screen saying "I want to hug baby mama" then "I want to kiss baby" He's going to be such a good big brother

Pregnancy: 27 Weeks 

Weight Gain: 15lbs. 

Sleep: Not good this week, been waking up at 3:30am uncomfortable and just awake! Talked to my midwife and will try some unisom soon. Hopefully that will help take the edge off, so I can finally feel rested.


Names: Evelyn Dawn read about why we named her that here  

Feeling: Lower back pain which is to be expected. She keeps kicking me in the crotch, which is rather painful. Girl needs to go head down soon, I'm tired of being kicked down there!!

Movement: See above ;) 

Next Appointment: August 22nd 31weeks.  

Milestones: According to ultrasound she's 1lb 12oz 10.5 inches long. Now she can start packing on the pounds ;) 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Took The Plunge | August Sponsor Call

The Halbert Homestead has made the plunge with our advertising/swaps. We are now officially signed up with Passion Fruit Advertising. We've seen this swanky AD site around a few other blogs, and quickly realized how easy & functional it is for bloggers! 

How does it work?...It's super easy! 
For our latest stats head over to our Advertising page
There are 3 sizes/prices to choose from. Once you figure out the size you'd like, you click the "buy now" tab below and follow the easy setup instructions on Passion Fruits website! 

Now here's were our August Special come into play! 
Since we love to swap with fellow bloggers. 
We are offering our Cozy Homestead 120x120 ad size for free.

 Like I said above, passion fruit makes it super easy for me & you to use and manage our buttons each month! If you would like to still blog swap with us, all you have to do is click the "buy now" under Cozy Homestead. When you arrive to the payment page, simply put in the promo code SWAP for a 100% discount! You won't have to put in any creditcard/paypal info. It just makes it a super easy format for you to upload a picture & your link. 
Once your ad is reviewed it immediately goes up on our sidebar! 
Easy Peasy! 

We hope you'll sponsor THH or swap with us for the month of August! 

Wordless Wednesday | We ♥ Mail

We love going to the mail. This week we got 2 surprise packages! The first one was from my Grammy
She made beautiful blankets, burp clothes, nursing cover, sweater, and a car car seat cover for Evelyn! She did the same thing for Curtis when he was born...not to mention her other 35 great grandchildren! She's amazing, and does amazing work! 
I love the patterns she picked out for Evelyn! 

She also puts together a baby book for the great grandbabies. 
The pages are from her original baby book when she was little! 
How sweet is that! I still fill out pages in Curtis's books!

The second box was for Curtis, from his Grammy & Papa H. They put together a sweet care package for our little crippled boy. Filled to the brim with things to keep him busy and entertained! Home made playdough, trucks, arts & crafts, notepads, books, gummy bears..the list goes on! We are still working through opening the presents, he opens one and plays with it for a long time then asks for another one. 
He is one spoiled little boy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

UPDATED Deal Alert: Wittle Bee Clothing Box!

Wittle Bee Clothing is a subscription service, where you get a box full of kids clothes for $39.99/month. You build your child's style profile, gender, size, style {hipster, prep, casual} colors, accessories etc.. You can even have a call with one of their stylist, if you want. They then send you a box with over $100Retail in clothing! Name Brands!

If you head over to Plum district right now they are having a voucher for Wittle Bee Clothing Box !!

For $45.00 you can get a 2 month subscription to Wittle Bee Clothing {An $80 value for $45} If this deal isn't sweet enough, I have a coupon code for 30% off plum district which brings it down to $31! You're looking at $16.00 for a box with $100worth of clothing! Talk about an awesome deal. 

Here's what you do | *UPDATED: Use this exact link below in order to get the code diapers30 to work properly*

Go to: Diapers Plum District

During the checkout process enter in promo code "DIAPERS30"

Buy Deal! 

Go to Wittle Bee and fill out your style profile & enter in your voucher code from PD! 

                                                               Easy Peasy! 

           This deal might not be around to much longer! So get in while you can! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday | Bridal Consultant

Since my niece is currently over at my house, entertaining my 2yr old. I thought I would take a minute to myself and write about my "former life" as a bridal consultant. I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky  for TAT 

Upon first moving to Colorado, I started working sales at Ann Taylor Factory store. I eventually got moved up to Sales Lead/Key Holder. I worked for AT for about 2 years, before I went insane. Working clothing retail does something to a person, let me tell ya. 

I started searching out other jobs. I came upon a craigs list ad for a Bridal Consultant. 
Saaweet...Who doesn't love weddings? dresses? and all the in between. 
At the time I wasn't planning a wedding, but in the back of my mind I was thinking discounts on wedding dresses. 

I went and interviewed during a massive snow storm, once I arrived at this beautiful bridal shop, filled with beautiful gowns...I quickly stripped out of my 15 layers of snow-gear and looked professional in my brown suit.
{thank you A.T. for the discount on the suit!}

Interview went wonderful, I was called the next day and hired. 
The job had it's ups and downs 
{Right Robyn?} 
It had it's perks as well. 

We got to try on all the new arrivals, and even modeled a few at some bridal shows

But if you have ever seen Say Yes To The Dress, then you know the job comes with its fair share of interesting brides & stories. Working as a bridal consultant is exactly how it appears on SYTTD. 

Let's just say I've dealt with opinionated fiances, a bride who came to try on dresses 2weeks post partum.{don't know about you but 2wks pp I did not want to try on anything, let alone nice wedding dresses} Overbearing bridal parties, who made the bride cry in the dressing room. 

It's an interesting job, that never lacks good stories at the end of the day. During my time at the bridal shop, I got engaged and started planning my wedding. I tried on lots of dresses, and of course got a beautiful gown for a steal. I ended up resigning a month before my wedding, due to stress & working conditions to put it nicely :) 

I will still watch SYTTD, and I still look at wedding designers web pages.
A few of my forever favorites..
 & my wedding dress designer Chia Lieu.

Guest Post Monday | Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Hello to all of you "Halbert Homestead" readers. Chelsey mentioned on her blog back in June that she was going to be looking for guest blog posters for the month of July. I have wanted to start doing some blog posts for other bloggers so I jumped at the opportunity.

I started following Chelsey's blog (DON'T YOU LOVE IT?!?) about 6 months ago because her sister (who I know from Alabama but now lives in Colorado) linked to the blog on Facebook. I added it to my daily/weekly reads and kind forgot how I started following along. It wasn't until she asked for guest posters that her sister commented and said "You know that's my sister, right?!?---- Crazy! :)
Anyway, I'm Leslie Morgan and I blog at Did YOU Hear About the Morgans? .  I had another blog for a few years but when my husband, Matthew, and I got married on 1/1/11, we decided to start a blog together. Matt doesn't post much but we collaborate (basically, he agrees with what I say...haha).

Our blog is just about our life, our daily adventures whether it is cooking, reading, traveling or just boring ole' stuff about us. We LOVE to spend time together and so writing a blog about our lives is pretty easy for me.

This year, one of our biggest blog focuses and life focuses has been on our 101 in 1001 list. This list contains 101 things for us to complete in 1001 days. It began on our 1st anniversary and will continue through September of 2014. It has been a blast to complete and to date, we have completed over 30 goals. The original post is here

Enough about me! I want to share one of my favorite recipes with you today.


1 box of saltine crackers
1 packet of ranch dressing mix
1 1/3 cup canola oil
2-3 tablespoons of crushed red pepper

Place all WHOLE crackers into an extra large bowl (no crumbs). Mix oil and ranch mix together until blended. Add in crushed red pepper, stirring well. Pour ingredients over crackers. Use a spatula and the over/under motion, coat crackers well. Let sit for 15 minutes then re-stir. Complete this step 4 times and then allow them to "rest" for up to 1 hour. Place in a sealed tight container (if they last that long) and ENJOY! Perfect for most summer dips. 

Hope you'll come over and check out our blog at www.thematthewmorganfamily.blogspot.com. Maybe you can read it while you snack on your hot crackers! 

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans?

Thanks Leslie for this sweet guest post! Loved learning about you and your husband, and now I'm craving Hot crackers :) 
-The Halbert Homestead 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Randoms | Prayer for Aurora | Guest Blogging

Updated: Originally wrote Friday Randoms yesterday, however with the recent events going on in our state, I wanted to add this note and tribute to our fellow Coloradoan's.

 I want take a moment to honor the victims, of the senseless act last night at the movie theater in Aurora, CO. Our town is about 30minutes away from Aurora. It's all just too close for comfort. Praying for all the families and victims. I cannot imagine. 

It's only been 4 days since we got the big blue band aide {as Curtis calls it}
He's learned how to crawl/drag his leg around, and can climb the stairs. 
He gets bored easily, so most mornings we are into play dough, paint, glue, stickers, beans  and bowls. 
It hasn't slowed this boys energy down! 

 He is such a trooper. I can tell he gets frustrated at times. He wants to do things himself, but can't. I've never had a cast/broken bone so I cannot imagine how frustrating it is to not be able to stretch your leg out, or walk. He's such a good boy though, and although we have had our moments this week...overall he's doing a great job handling this new challenge. {august 7th can't come soon enough}

These two kids have been BFF's since birth. 
I can't get over how big they both are now, babies slow down!
                              Signing Curtis's Big Blue Band aide | First outing at Target
I am guest blogging at It's A Vol! I wrote about what we are taking in our hospital bags for when Evelyn arrives! Read more here.... 
                      For Mom

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bump Watch: 26 Weeks

Did I really just type out 26weeks? as in 1 more week until 3rd tri! The 2nd pregnancy really does fly by fast. Now just mark my words I'll be at 37weeks posting about how time is dragging ;) It will be different to make it past 35weeks this time. An extra 5 weeks? I think I can do a lot in that extra 5 weeks. Seeing as the next 3 weeks there is going to be a lot of sitting around with a crippled boy and not a lot of work on the house. 

Pregnancy: 26 Weeks 

Weight Gain: 14lbs. 

Sleep: Week started out good, but once Curtis fractured his leg he was up late and moaning through the night, but now he's in a cast and sleeping better again...which means so am I. I did see a huge pregnancy body pillow on zulily, and oh baby if I had the extra $$ for it I would've snatched it up. 


Names: Evelyn Dawn read about why we named her that here  

Feeling: Emotional, It's been a stressful few days with Curtis. Very tired and sore after lifting the boy everywhere. It will be a long 3 weeks.

Movement: She's currently kicking the laptop that I have rested on my lap. She doesn't like any pressure on the belly ;) 

Next Appointment: July 24th will be my Glucose test, a growth and fluid ultrasound, and regular appointment. My husband has to work during this appointment, so I am going to take my Momma (Evelyn Dawn's namesake)

The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. She may now be able to hear both your voice and your partner's as you chat with each other. She's inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of her lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when she's born and takes that first gulp of air. And she's continuing to put on baby fat. She now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday | Recent Pins

Pinterest is my go to I'm-bored-look-mindlessly-at-cute-stuff website. If it's the random funny pictures, new recipe, or adorable newborn poses...it never disappoints. However let's all keep in mind we all don't have to be perfect.. like our Guest Blogger Jennifer reminded us this past Monday

Here's a few recent pins that caught my eye....What have you pinned lately?

  Adorable bird bow hanger? Must make this!

 I am so in love with this pose.

  Going to try this out soon!

 How to clean microfiber couches. This is a must with a toddler in the house! 

 Homemade Caramel! Can't wait for fall 

 Oriental Chicken Salad. My Mom made this salad growing up! It's delish!

  Natural Recipes for Kids Favorite foods. 

Make sure to follow us on Pinterest to see our latest pins!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Orthopedic Update| Big Blue Cast

 After my post this morning {that I wrote last night} on our ER visit Sunday night. This morning we went to the orthopedic doctor. But first we stopped at the dollar store for some "surprises" to pull out of Mommy's purse during the visit. {Just call me Mary Poppins} 

After being told at the ER that his x-rays came back "Clean" meaning no breaks/fractures. We took those same x-rays into the orthopedic, and when he looked at them he DID see a fracture, calcification, and even new bone growth. When he showed me on the computer, my untrained eye immediately saw it. So needless today the Radiologist at the ER sucks.

Now here's the interesting part you could say, Dr. Zach told us that his fractures already looked like they are healing...he would have assumed that his injuries were 7-10days old. Not an x-ray of the same-day as the injury. He said it is actually common for this kind of fracture (referred to as the Toddler Fracture) that a lot of times they go by unnoticed by the child/parent. So his opinion is he probably fractured it a week or so ago (which I wouldn't put it past Curtis, because he's been totally clumsy lately)  and actually re-injured the already healing site...made it worse/painful. Which lead to him limping and us taking him into the ER after his trip on Sunday. So apparently kids can get these fractures, they don't have to be painful and heal without parents even knowing it! Crazy! Since he is still in pain without the splint on, and can't/won't walk on his right leg...the best option was to put a cast on him to help it heal properly, for the next 3 weeks. 

They had to do a full-leg cast for 2 reasons. 
1. Because he still has "baby fat" and little legs short casts can fall off easier on kids his age. 
2. If he was in a short cast it would cause him to want to walk, which would put pressure on his fracture and take longer to heal. 

So he has a bent full leg cast. He was such a trooper through the whole thing, he did cry and get scared. But that was really because they had to move his leg around before putting on the cast and it hurt him. Once they started wrapping the cast around his leg, he calmed down and looked at pictures on my phone while they finished. It will be a transition for us all for the next 3 weeks. He can try and crawl around on it, and I'm sure he will figure out a way to semi-walk on it (all is okay to do in a full leg cast) But for now mommy/daddy are carrying him places and coming up with lots of activities/crafts to do from the couch and floor. 

The only bummer is since we potty trained 3 weeks ago, he does really good and normally doesn't have accidents but since his fall, and him not being able to walk/run quickly to the potty we've had accidents. So we put him in pull-ups for the time he's in the cast, because we really don't want a pee-soaked cast..blech! We're still taking him to the potty  and I'm hoping this won't make us regress in the potty area. But if it does, we'll just re-train in 3 weeks. 

Keep our little guy in your prayers. He's doing okay, but it's not the most comfortable thing to sleep in. 

Weekend Report | Pirates Cove & ER Trips

Let's start with the fun part of the weekend...In May I bought a family ticket pack to Pirates Cove Water Park, on Plum District. I figured this would be a fun family outing to do before Evelyn arrives. 

We picked this weekend, invited cousins and headed out for fun in the sun. 
{Left to Right}
 Cayden 5, Curtis 2, Clara 3, Ella 7, Noelle 1

 We love our Curtis Allen...

Don't forget to feed the pregnant mama.

                        Curtis finding shade in my hat....while chomping on some chips ;) 

 Pirates Cove was great, it's not a huge water park but just enough space for kids and adults. We didn't get any pictures on it, but they have a lazy river as well. Curtis enjoyed hanging out on Daddy's lap and floating down the river. Our niece noelle took a good hour nap on the lazy river. 

If you are in the Denver Metro area, be sure to check it out. It is crowded on the weekends, but the kids don't seem to notice. Just get there right at 10am when  they open to get a spot to lay out all your stuff. We were there for about 3.5hrs and it wore Curtis out, that he crashed in the car and at home. Well worth the money! (with or without the deal!) 

Now to the not so fun part of the weekend. 
Sunday I decided to do a good majority of Freezer cooking, trying to stock up the freezer for when Evie arrives, and for a few meals this week {future post on that later}

The kitchen was mid-mess, when I decided to sit down in the living room to rest for a bit.
We were all watching Blues Clues when Curtis decided to get himself a drink of water. 
He's done this before from our purifier on the counter. He gets his cup and fills it up. he's become quite the pro at it. We don't let him do it all the time..but that time we did.

We heard the water stop, then heard a fall and screaming. What we think happened was he filled it too high and some spilled out while he was walking...which ended up making him slip and fall. But his scream/cry wasn't his normal "I fell down" cry. Which panicked us. His chin was quivering, eyes dilated, and he would not come down. I started checking his arms and legs looking for anything that looked out of place. Asking him where it hurt. He kept pointing to his knee. After a distraction of a show, we had him try to stand up and he immediately limped on his right side. :( 

Off to the ER we went. 
After a few Popsicle's and hugs, they said it was x-ray time. 
Thankfully our new fancy ER in town brings the machine to your room. 
Curtis wanted Papa on our drive to the ER, so my dad met us at the hospital to help distract him. I was thankful he came because I'm pregnant I couldn't help hold down/comfort Curtis during the X-rays so the extra set of papa's hands helped a lot.
 The x-rays didn't show any breaks/fractures...yet. That's pretty typical with kiddos for breaks not to show up for a few days or a week. They are fairly sure it's a "toddler fracture" which is really common with kids between 1-3yrs old. They put him in a splint, and we were told to follow up with an orthopedic.

Here's my boy reading books with his splint...just 3hours after his normal bed time of 8pm.

He was such a brave boy, but don't let that smile fool you if he's not on pain meds he hurts  and whimpers. 
It breaks his mama's heart. :( 

We have an ortho appointment today at 11:30am. I think there just going to tell us to keep the splint on till they do another set of x-rays in a week. Then we'll find out if he gets a cast or not. I'm praying it is just a sprain or bruising. It's been really difficult to keep an active 2 yr old off his leg and entertained...and it's only been  24hours, I can't imagine doing this for several weeks with a cast. But that might be our future soon. 
Thankfully he can crawl around, but he has some bruises on his knee's from the fall so even that hurts.

Keep him in your prayers and for Bradley & I as we are overwhelmed with life and everything that's been going on lately. 

Is it crazy I'm kind of looking forward to after-delivery where I can sit and snuggle a newborn...just have time to "relax" and focus on baby'n'me. That sounds like a vacation right about now ;) 

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