Friday, March 30, 2012

Bump Watch: 10 Weeks

Pregnancy: 10 Weeks

Weight Gain: Down 2lbs from the original 5 I gained. 

Sleep:  Restless, having lower back issues not sure if its from the pregnancy or something else, need to go to the chiropractor soon. 

Gender: I have no idea, no real feelings either way. 

Names:  We are almost 100% on the girl name, just working out a middle name ;) We have 2 top boy names, but we still have 10 weeks to figure it all out. 

Maternity clothes: Liking skirts, dresses, and yoga pants now. I bought some pants at old navy, they aren't maternity but they have a stretchy waist..they should be maternity. 

Feeling: I am boycotting dinner time, nothing sounds good, and it all makes me feel blah. I for sure didn't have the morning sickness that I had with Curtis, so who knows maybe it's a girl :) 

Movement: Can't wait to feel this bebe!! Hopefully 4 more weeks, that's when I felt Curtis move :)

Belly: Slowly but surely expanding, faster than my pregnancy with Curtis that's for sure

Next Appointment:  Next Wednesday, seriously cannot wait. I want to hear this babies heart beat. 

Milestones: Baby is the size of a kumquat, a little over an inch long. Tiny nails are forming, peach fuzz hair is starting to grow. Baby is swallowing fluid and kicking up a storm, vital organs including kidneys, intestines, brain and liver are in place and starting to function. Baby's limbs can bend now, his hands are flexed at the wrist and meet over the heart. 

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Report: ZOO!

Last May we bought a membership to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. While Curtis loved looking at the animals last summer, he wasn't totally into it. He was still napping 2x a day, so working around an hour drive 1 way, lunch, and wasn't so enjoyable. Now that he was 2, and only napping 1x a day it was a lot easier! We packed up on Saturday morning, drove through Chick-fi-la for breakfast we hit the road. 

Curtis in his ride, rolling into the zoo

The picture we take a place at every time we visit :)

Not too sure about the Giraffes 
that he was talking about on the drive up.

                                               Peacocks roam the zoo all over

Curtis looking at the peacocks.

Hip Hip Hip Hippopotamus 

This guy was huge, and creeped me out. 

Sitting back to back with the monkeys

                                                     Curtis and I checking out the Gorilla 

The view from our mountain side zoo 

The otters are so much fun to watch!

  Curtis was so brave to ride the train all by himself, there wasn't even any other kids on it 

                                                Playing at the Big Backyard playground
  Riding an ant. 

               Overall it was a big success, and Curtis ended up sleeping on the way home. 

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Minkoff Purse & Cash Giveaway!

I'm super excited to be apart of this amazing giveaway! Our first giveaway on Curtis & The Parents! 

Would you like to win some cash & a Rebecca Minkoff purse straight out of Fashion Week?

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If not, just be sure to come back on the 9th of April to enter for your chance to win! :D

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Friday, March 23, 2012


I really should be napping, while my son naps. But alas, here I am blogging :) I totally forgot about some pictures that we took right after we found out about bebe 2! 
Yes that's my husband holding the "pee stick" lol! We we're too excited we didn't care!

Since we found out the day before Valentines day, Bradley went out to the store and bought me this sweet onesie, even in the right size for next year :)

Speaking of baby, here is a front bump shoot at 9weeks. I think I'm going to like being pregnant in the summer/fall. I'm always cold by nature, I did not like being freezing and pregnant during the winter with Curtis. I'm going to Old Navy today to stock up on the maternity maxi dresses. Which by the way, they are having a big dress sale! Soon as C man is up from his nap we are headed that way. 

This weekend we are going to the zoo! I'm excited, with Curtis being older now he can appreciate the animals, and enjoy it...instead of us chasing around a 15month old, and trying to make him happy during nap time. Our season passes end this May, so I want to try and get at least 2 more visits in (it's an hour away) Be on the look out for a big animal post on that next week :) 

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Bump Update: 9 Weeks

We somehow keep forgetting to to take a picture in our normal spot. Since we've already missed 8weeks, I'm jumping ahead to week 9 and putting up this picture for ya ;) 

Pregnancy: 9 Weeks

Weight Gain: up 5lbs 

Sleep: Finally done with my cold, and sleeping soundly until I have to pee.

Gender: No real thoughts on it, I wasn't as nauseous this time as I was pregnant with Curtis though. 

Names:  We have a few boy names now, just tossing them around for now :) 

Maternity clothes: I can fit in a few pre-pg pants with a rubber band, otherwise I prefer the maternity   pants, and dresses. (I think the 5lbs all went to my butt, here we go again!)

Feeling: Tired more this week, might be because I'm watching extra kids 3 days a week. I'm generally asleep in my husbands lap pretty early in the evening. I keep missing the ends of all our shows. 

Movement: Can't wait to feel the pumpkin moving!

Belly:  The bloat is officially gone! (yay) now we have pure baby belly. Which is still small. 

Next Appointment:  There was a mix up with insurance, so hopefully by the end of next week we will have an appointment.

Milestones: Baby is a little bigger than a grape right now. His heat finished dividing into four chambers, and the valves are starting to form. His organs, muscles, and nerves are kicking into gear. His eyes are fully formed, and fused shut until 27weeks. He has tiny earlobes, mouth, nose, and nostrils. Now that his basic physiology is in place, he/she is poised for rapid weight gain!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Look Who's Two!

Curtis Allen turned two on March 13th, 2012! 

I couldn't be a prouder mama. He is so bright, learning so much everyday. His vocabulary continues to wow me. He say so many words, very clearly too. I feel like from 18-24months he's changed so much. He is a total boy, anything to do with dirt and trucks! 
He has a great imagination already. He listens very intently for airplanes, and trains that we hear during the day. He loves to go "shopping" whether that is the grocery store, or daddy's shop. He's all about socializing and going bye-bye. 

He's in the 95th percentile for height, but would you except less from our genes? 
He's 37inches, and 26lbs. We're trying to work on beefing him up, lots of protein bars, smoothies, and good fatty foods! He use to be so chunky, but I think he sprouted up so tall that he thinned out in the process. He for sure has his Papa P.'s big head, he's in the 95th percentile for that too! I bought him a helmet, and quickly realized we need the child-size, not toddler size. 

We've been having warmer weather, which has been awesome for outside time. I open the back door and let him roam the porch and yard. We have a little shed that he likes to play in, and also a sandbox with his new sand toys! Just need it to get a little bit warmer and we can break out the water table and pool for him. Course with our luck, we'll have a 2 foot snow storm in April (or May!) 

He's loves babies, he always talks about baby Trevor (my friends baby) and when he see's another baby, he calls them "trevooor" :) I can't wait till he see's his newest cousin, whenever she decides to make her arrival! We know he will be a great big brother, since he loves babies so much. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Curtis Allen!

Mommy & Daddy

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Bump Watch: 7 Weeks

I am soooo behind! Seeing I'm almost 9 weeks (tomorrow) and I'm just now getting up the 7wk post which has been written for 2 weeks! We forgot to take a bump picture, so the announcement photo will have to do ha! I promise to be better at posting these on to write 8 week update..

Pregnancy: 7 Weeks

Weight Gain: 5lbs

Sleep: Miserable. My back has been killing me in the mornings, not sure why. Then my cold has made it impossible to sleep. 

Gender: Your guess is as good as mine ;)

Names: I found a fun iphone app for baby names, I've been searching through it at night before bed...and realizing there is a lot of names I dislike.

Maternity clothes: I'm about 1/2 and 1/2 right now, some pre-pregnancy pants fit, others not at all. Regular shirts are doing okay for now.

Feeling:  My morning sickness seemed to have gone away over the weekend, but was replaced by a nasty cold. So I've been feeling rather rotten the last 3 days. 

Movement: Nothing now :)

Baby #2

Belly: I think the bloat has gone down, and now it's just "Baby belly" I couldn't believe the crazy bloat in the beginning (As you can see from the pictures) thankful it's gone down, and now we can get to the real "bump pictures"

Next Appointment:  March 21st! We had a confirmation apt. (because of my history) on March 7th, and got to see the little pumpkin! So the 21st will be my 1st official appointment. 

Milestones: This week the baby is sprouting hands and feet! He also has an appendix and a pancreas. 

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy March

March has become increasingly busy. I'm so far behind on blogging. Perhaps its because I fall asleep at 8:30pm on the couch every night? that use to be my prime blogging time. Not anymore! I need to write a 2 year update on Curtis, a pinterest recipe post, plus the past 2 weeks Bump updates! Which we totally forgot to take a picture for week 7, oops! Guess our announcement photo will have to do! 

My sister is pregnant with her 4th child, she's due April 8th! (Easter) She's been nannying 2 kids 3 days a week since the fall. Since she's pretty close to delivery and going to have a a newborn (eeep!) in the house again, I'm taking over her nanny job for awhile until she's back on her feet again. So I just added 2 more kids to my load mixed with 1st tri exhaustion...I like challenges :) 

Let's not forget about the baby shower and 2nd Birthday Party mixed in there! Plus a few more Birthdays coming up the end of this month! 

Keep an eye out for the posts mentioned above... it WILL happen.. I hope ;) 

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2nd Birthday Bash!

We celebrated Curtis's 2nd birthday on Sunday, the 11th. It was all construction themed. He's very into "fixing" things right now. We announced to our family that we were expecting the next baby halbert at the party. Here is their reactions, it took them a minute to figure it out..and of course they all were excited. (I think my dad was in shock) ;) 

Here are the rest of Curtis's Birthday Pictures!

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