Tuesday, January 31, 2012

May I Borrow Your Mouse...

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Photo 52: Ee

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Valentines Day: Gifts for a toddler

I happen to love Valentines day. I know most don't agree, or call it a "Hallmark Holiday" I think it is a special time to tell the people you love, just how loved they are!  

                  Last year Curtis got his first pair of sunglasses & mickey mouse cup 

This year, I decided to get a few of his favorite things for his presents. 

Berry-Licious Snack Bars! Curtis loves a good snack bar. I happen to love Earths Best Organic brand, and they had these on clearance at my local King Soopers. No idea why, they don't expire for 8months and the box looks great! Score for mommy's wallet!

Curtis loves, I mean LOVES notebooks. He must take after his mommy's love-affair with office supplies. This was Target dollar section find. 

This was another Target find. Curtis has become very obsessed with "Big Boy Cups" and what perfect way to combine his love of cars & cups into one!

Last but not least, Playdough! Curtis loves crafts & mushing his hands into something soft, gooey, and colorful! These mini-playdough jars are perfect! We had some awhile back, I threw them in the diaper bag/purse for those times that he needed entertainment, but it wasn't too messy!

We will most likely pick up 1 more "bigger" gift, since these are all relatively cheap & small. I use to love receiving stuffed animals growing up, however Curtis already has a huge collection of stuffed creatures. I'll have to keep thinking of that perfect gift for him.  

Do you celebrate Valentines day with your kids? Tell me how celebrate in the comment section!

Toddle Along Tuesdays: Advice for Moms-To-Be

Today I'm linking up with Growing Up Geeky for
 Toddle Along Tuesdays!

This week's topic: Advice to Mothers to be!

I don't claim to be an expert (by any means) at being a Mom. Nearly 23months in, and half the time I'm just "winging" it :o) There have been lots of great posts for Moms-to-be through T.A.T. some that have even inspired/encouraged me! 

I think the biggest thing I have had to learn as a new-mom, is to let go. Let go of the dishes, laundry, dusting, house! Let go of how I look, how my clothes look, how my hair looks! Let go of all the vanity, and focus on the baby. There's always going to be seasons in life, and one of those are when you are dealing with a newborn (and sometimes a sick toddler) you have to let go of the phone calls, the computer, the house, and focus on the little baby that needs your full attention. In the end letting go of all those things, the pay off is huge..cause these babies grow up way to fast. You want to remember the naps snuggling on the couch, and not how you were busy cleaning and making house.

 Remember these are just seasons, there's light at the end of the tunnel! You will have time  to organize, clean, and shower(!) again, but in those first few moments of having a newborn, remember what is important... nurturing that baby.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

2 Things

1. Look above! Do you see a new tab? Recipes & DIY! I'll be logging all my recipe posts, crafts/art/sewing posts in one easy location. Be sure to check back tomorrow, I'm going to try my hand Strawberry Fruit Leather!

2. Ever wonder what my twin looks like?

Okay, there really is only just 1 me and the everyday battle of 
 Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair. 
(ignore the crazy eyes going on in the first picture)

Kisses For You

Just in-case you needed a fill of Courteous Curtis...Here's some iPhone pictures

How I Rock My Marriage

Super excited to share that I am a guest blogger on ELF today. For the series "How I Rock My Marriage"

Check it out here:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Trips Sleepovers & Sickness

On Thursday Bradley left for a conference in Colorado Springs, he was staying in a swanky hotel (The Broadmoor) I was quite jealous :) Since my sister's husband was gone as well, we decided to have a sleepover. Put the kids to bed, and then watch Downtown Abbey. 

Cali & Curtis playing together before bed 

Laptop, Monitor, Dog, Downtown Abbey

After a rough time getting Curtis asleep (new house, pack'n'play) he was asleep, and slept through the night! The next morning we woke up to sunny clear skies...Then in rolled the snow clouds.

While the snow started to fall, the kids and I played in the basement. Curtis LOVES to slide. We seriously need to get him a little slide, he would play on it for 1/2 of the day I'm sure. 

Later that afternoon, Curtis decided to loose his lunch. Poor baby! Was praying it was just a fluke 1x thing, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. When he woke up from his nap, he kept asking "Go home, bye bye, go home" he broke my heart! So I loaded our stuff, and back home we went. We snuggled on the couch for the rest of the afternoon,watching mickey mouse. 

After a few phone calls to Bradley, he decided to come home 1 night early. Just in case Curtis got worse through out the night (We've had bad experience with him throwing up, and us having to call 911, I was a little nervous to be home alone all night with him) Once I got official word Bradley was able to come home, I told Curtis Daddy would be home soon. He kept going to the door and looking for him. He missed him so much!

The next morning, Curtis was feeling 100x better and wanted to wrestle and be tickled. I'm so happy my boys have such a special bond with each other. Curtis perked up when he saw Daddy was home. After a long-exhausting few days, we're all feeling rested and better. Although I kind of wish I could have a re-do weekend...Does Monday really have to come? 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo 52: Dd

This weeks ABC challenge I decided to do 2 photos. 

1. My Engagement Ring & Wedding band. I am in love with them.

2. Daddy. We've been missing him the last 2 days.
Curtis & I are lucky ducks to have such an amazing Husband and Father.

{Y3W} Chinese New Year

Earlier this week my parents, sister, brother-in-law, Bradley & I went to Purple Ginger Restaurant, to celebrate the Chinese New Year. (we went kid-less, yay for date night!)  

Our failed attempt at taking a picture together

We had a 7 course meal and entertainment! They had dancing dragons and drumming.
Below are the dragon's attempting to scare us.

 My sister about to be attacked by the giant dragon 

We had carved carrots for garnish.

                                                                      Our menu!

They passed out tickets to everyone, for a drawing. It was a drawing of random presents

{most likely Christmas presents the staff didn't like, and re-gifted to the drawing}

My ticket happen to be drawn, which resulted in this lovely pose...
{I might slightly be tipsy here}
I walked away with my very own "Bless This Home" platter

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

IN-N-OUT Cross Country

Back-story: I am a 6th generation Californian. I am an avid in-n-out lover. Best Burger EVAH. If you disagree...then you might want to stop reading this post. I'm about to show you a very rare glimpse into the P family obsession.

For my Highschool graduation, my parents and I flew to CA to celebrate. We went to Disneyland, and of course ate lots of in-n-out. This was the first time we decided to freeze the burgers the night before we left on the plane. We carried them on, and flew all the way to North Carolina. We we defrosted, and consumed with family members. Now, you might be thinking we are crazy...but it gets worse. So at first we just froze the entire burger, lettuce, tomatoes the works. It was okay, but didn't defrost and reheat as well.

              Chelsey (me) sucking the air out of the zip lock bags, during graduation trip.

                  Bradley and I after our engagement, our first in-n-out together. 

Since 2008, we have brought back in-n-out burgers here and there..perfecting the science of how to properly prep,freeze,reheat, the deliciousness of a double double, animal style. 

When you go into a in-n-out and order 20 burgers...sure no problem...but wait, not just 20 burgers. 

Here's the breakdown for ordering:
20 hamburger buns
40(double double) patty's & cheese
no tomato
no lettuce
Sauce Packets (as many as they will give you, those babies are liquid gold) 

They might look at you like you've lost your mind, They might say "Right on Dude", or they might have to call corporate to get the a-okay. 

Wrap the individual hamburger patty's in saran wrap, place in freezer ziplock bags and freeze overnight. Carry on, or pack in-between your clothes. Once back home, place the semi-frozen meat in the fridge to defrost over night. 

             Cook up those patties! Grill them on your stove top, and take in that smell! 

Butter and toast your buns. Grill up some extra onions for added flavor!

Slice up some tomatoes and lettuce....and start the layering process!

Now Consume!!!!

Curtis's 1st In-N-Out Burger!

Yes I realize, we might be slightly crazy...but hey, don't knock it till you try it. 

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