Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last Day

Curtis and I spent some much needed time out side today. After having colds and being stuck inside for 5 days, and then before that being in a cabin for 4 can say we had quite the cabin fever.
 Although we didn't venture far, just right out side our back was refreshing for us both. The cool crisp 50degree air felt lovely. It makes me sad to think another month and come and gone. November went by entirely too quickly. How can it already be December 1st tomorrow? The Holidays have started, and the advent calender will appear tomorrow. We had lots of great memories this November. I can't believe this is my son's 2nd November, that in itself is going by way to quickly

Our little man proud of himself. He's learned how to go up and down the stairs by himself, the correct way. Much to his mommy's nerves. He tried to show off on the basement stairs, let's just say that door is permanently locked now.

Not sure where Curtis got all that curly hair from ;)

Curtis's new favorite saying "Cool Dude"

My sweet sweet Baby...
Last Sunset of November...

Tomorrow we welcome December, 4-10inches of Snow, High of 26 and a Low of 9 degrees.

Goodbye November

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Happy 21st Birthday Aunt Becky!
Curtis tried to give his best pouty lips for you! :)

Love you lots and miss you tons!

Hope you enjoy your special day!
Drink one for us :)

Blog Swap: Tale of Two Girls

                                              Want a new blog to follow?

Meet Tessa from Tales of Two Girls
Tales Of Two Girls

 I "met" Tessa through a Mommy Board, she's the blogger behind Tales of Two Girls.
 Her blog is Witty, funny, and adorable. Some of my favorite posts she does, is Thinking Back Thursdays  She posts things from our childhood that I completely forgot about. (Anyone remember the show Dinosaurs?) Plus she had a million pictures of her beautiful daughters!

Let's show Tessa some Blog Love!
 Click the picture above and start following Tales of Two Girls!

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Curtis & I made a video for you...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday: Magazine Deal!

Now I'm no "deal,steal,coupon" blog... but sometimes when you see a good offer, you just have to help a friend out right?

Are you a member of Plum District ? If not you might want to click the link and sign up today! With Cyber Monday craziness (is your inbox filled to the brim with ads? mine is!) there are 2 deals I wanted to pass on.

Having a hard time deciding what to get a family member for Christmas?

How about a magazine subscription? I think everyone loves a good magazine to look at in the bathroom. ha!  Discount Magazine has a huge selection of magazines to choose from. On PD, you can buy a year long subscription for $10.00 to a variety of magazines.

I sneakily bought this deal up, and sent the voucher code to my husband's e-mail. I told him he can pick out which magazine I get for Christmas.

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Canvas People

I've been searching for a reasonable priced canvas, for awhile now.
I finally saw a good deal through Eversave  for Canvas People I jumped on it!

The canvas I bought was 18x24, I think it's the perfect size to fill up a big living room wall.  I am very pleased with the way it came out, and am SO happy I jumped on a good deal!

To see my living room click on the picture below

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Blogging Memories

Blogs are a great way make time stand still. With everyone running around, rushing here and there. It's nice to take a break out of the day and write down memories.
Stories and memories I can look back on and remember.

Remembering where it all started...Positive

Remembering the beauty & pain ...Birth Story

Remembering the moments I became a Mother... Becoming a Mother Part 1

Remembering the moments I became a Parent...Becoming a Mother Part 2

Remembering Birthdays...1 Year Old

Remembering it's okay to be messy... Priorities

Remembering the scary stuff...Battle Scar

Remembering to be Thankful...Blessings

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top Baby Blogs

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Thanks Everyone! You Rock :)

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cyber Monday!

Melissa and Doug are at it again!
This cyber Monday, they are doing a giveaway EVERY hour starting at 8am {ET}
Click the picture below to their FB page, and be sure to "like" them!

You can also save 15% with NSAVE15I am waiting for Curtis's Christmas presents from M&D to arrive on Tuesday! Can't wait!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Stanley

On our way home from our Estes Park Thanksgiving Vacation We stopped by the historical Stanley Hotel. This hotel is known for their spooky ghost apperances.
(If you believe in that sort of stuff)

The novelist Steven King, stayed in this hotel. The hotel was inspriation for his novel 'The Shining' . Later the novel became a movie....

The movie Dumb & Dumber was filmed at the Stanely

                                    You can read more about the hotel here 

Thankfully we don't believe in the spookey we decided to have brunch there!

We even had our own private room ;)

Dad drinking the crazziest bloody marry drink. It had bacon infused vodka!
They sold 1,500 of these drinks in 2 months, this summer.


Miniature Golf..Colorado Style

Nothing beats Miniature Golf in 30degree weather, with snow on the course.

Thanksgiving Vacation: Part 5

Thanksgiving Day.

I love my little family. These 2 boys complete me.

We spent our Thanksgiving dinner at the Y in Estes. The buffet, was sooo much more then just a "buffet" It had everything you could imagine, and was cooked to perfection.

So tired after a big turkey dinner..... but not too tired to indulge in some apple cider

Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Vacation: Part 4

Rocky Mountain National Park

 The RMNP was a pretty penny to get in $20/per car (Thanks Dad!) However it was worth it! Gods design is beautiful! We stumbled apon a herd of Elk! It was amazing, they kept coming down the mountain to graze. Some even locked antlers in a fight! It was very exciting!

Curtis admiring the Elk!

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