Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Friend

Robyn and I met in 2008 at Little White Bridal Shop. I came in for an interview, and there she was sitting at the desk looking "busy" ;) Once I was hired on, we soon realized we shared the same faith, among other things. We endured "modeling" together..and a lot of other things at that shop.

Middle: Chelsey and Robyn

Playing Dress Up

After we both quit working at LWD, our friendship continued. We found out we were pregnant within 5weeks of each other! We did pregnancy yoga together every week, and tired to maintain our balance..ha!
Robyn & I at a Jeremy Camp Concert
(Pre-Kayley & Curtis)

Kayley & Curtis's 1st meeting. This first picture still reminds me of them today, Kayley all cool, calm, and collected and my Curtis screaming, moving, and wild ;)
Our Kiddos all little and smushy!

So glad I went in for that interview, if for nothing else to make a new friend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

His 1st Battle Scar

4:45pm Curtis fell into our coffee table
 (the one I proclaimed my love to a couple posts down in our house tour)

4:46pm Blood, Screaming, Crying

5:00pm Bradley arrived home

5:06pm Arrived at the ER

5:55pm Curtis wrapped in a papoose

5:56pm Ensue the Screaming Crying

5:57pm Battle wound cleaned and glued

6:10pm Finally in Mommy's arms

6:15pm Flirt with the nurses

6:45pm Chiptole with Grandma, Papa, and Cousins

I'd prefer not to go through the above again (minus Chiptole..because that was good) Watching my poor boy scream for me while being wrapped up like a burrito was so hard :(

Can I wrap Curtis in a plastic bubble now?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

See Curtis Bake

A dear friend of mine recently posted some pictures on her blog of her daughter "helping" her bake! I thought it was adorable, and a great idea! Curtis loved taking each chocolate chip and putting into a bowl. He didn't even sneak a bite of one, such a good boy! He was very pleased with himself, and it kept his hands busy while mama baked!

Don't they look devine?
They are baking in the oven now, I don't see how you could go wrong with peanut butter  chocolate!

**Update** These Bars were ah-mazing! So fluffy, goey, crispy top, yumminess! You must try these!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Revamping Leftovers: Pot Roast

Pot Roast

Growing up when my Mom made Pot Roast if there was any leftovers, we ate taco's the next night.

Sunday is "crock pot day" I try to make something in the crock pot, that way I can enjoy a lazy afternoon without worrying about dinner.

Today's feature is: Revamped Pot Roast Taco's
Put the shredded/chopped pot roast into a sauce pan

 All you need is a can of diced tomatos & Taco/Mexican seasoning

Add the whole can of diced tomatos

I add about 1/4cup of taco seasoning
you can add more or less depending on what you like

Let it simmer together for 20minutes

Heat 1/2 of oil (I use canola/coconut) in a saucepan
Fry your Tortilla's in the oil. Let the oil drip off on a papertowel

Layer your torilla with cheese & the beef

Stuff your tortilla with any yummy topping you want.
I use sour cream, salsa, onions, and lettuce

There you have it, revamped pot roast into a completely different meal! Almost taste like chipotle :)

House Tour: Living Room

Recently, we were blessed with a set of couches from our neighbor. He wanted them out of his basement, and we were in need of extra seating. We quickly took them off his hands, and so began the rearranging of our living room and play room. We have 1 large burgundy leather couch and 1 seat burgundy leather couch. Bradley bought these when we first moved to Colorado, and he was living the bachelor life. They've been great for us the past 2.5 years of married life, however they were getting a little worn down. Whenever my entire family came over, we are always running out of places to sit.

We debated buying new couches on credit back in June, however didn't feel comfortable putting anything on credit and decided against it. The Lord blesses those who wait!

You will find a common theme in our house while going on this tour...
IKEA, Target, & Bradley's Finds.

Pictured Above: IKEA Coffee Table $20.00
Target Foot Stools $11.00
Target Pillows $9.99

Bradley and I decided while we have a young child, and future children, we would save dream furniture for when they are moved out of the house. In the mean time a $20 IKEA coffee table is just the thing for keeping my sanity. Why worry about every water ring, dent, or chip in a nice coffee table, when you know you're going to have toddler in the house. Plus it doesn't hurt that it looks good too.

Above: Fake Flowers are my friend, helps keep costs down from buying fresh flowers every week.
Unless your in Europe where they cost pennies for a beautiful bouquet.

Below: Bradley inherited this book shelf from his family, it was fairly beaten up, but good solid wood underneath. With some varnish, and polishing it shaped up pretty good

And that my friends concludes the living room tour, next time will be the Curtis's Play Room.

House Tour: Courteous Curtis' Room

When we moved into our current house, I knew it was time to ditch his beautiful Beatrix Potter / Peter Rabbit Room. He wasn't into bunnies anymore, now he was a big boy making car sounds and obsessed with planes. We didn't really have a budget at all for his room, since we just moved and all our money went into moving! We kept our theme simple Navy, Red, and Baby Blue. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. *ignore the really bad photography, I was taking these with a little boy who wanted to hold the camera/pulling on me*
Thanks to some old toys from Bradley's child hood we were able to use some of them as decorations, like the wooden helicopter in the picture above. I bought the comforter with all the planes, trucks, helicopter on it at Target for $5.00 on clearance a couple months prior.
The Car decals was also a Target purchase. Only $4.00 on clearance! They helped complete the rooms look. Since we can't paint, I wanted something besides white walls in his room. We bought the toy organizer at IKEA for a couple bucks as well.
We bought this dresser on Craigslist when I was pregnant with Curtis. I revamped it by adding some of the trucks from the wall decals to it. Give it more of a "boy" look :)

Curtis is still in his crib, not sure when we are going to make the transition to the toddler bed. I switched out his handmade beatrix potter bumpers, for some polka-dot and striped bumpers that was also a Target clearance find. Can you tell I shop at Target a lot? I can see the Target sign from my backyard, it is a bad thing!
The pictures below of a toy car, plane, and train. Bradley bought at a goodwill store a couple months ago. They were already framed and matted. They matched his room perfectly!

There you have it, Curtis "Big boy" room :)

19 Months old, Where did the time go ?

It has been awhile since I last blogged. This summer was very eventful, and Curtis has occupied most of my time. Curtis is 19months old, how he got so big I still don't know. He is so tall, people constantly ask if he is 3years old. Not my baby! His vocabulary is expounding everyday, he is trying to copy/sounds like words all the time. His newest word that Brad taught
him is "cool" he says it with a raspy voice like" kkkrkkkkoool" It is pretty cute.

He is very active, always going from one toy to the next (can we say messy?) He love
s being outside, it is his favorite activity. I can open our sliding door, and let him play on the porch while I clean, do laundry or other things. When I am out there with him, we can play on the grass or the sandbox. He loves talking walks, and asks for them constantly. Last weekend it snowed 4inches, it was Curtis first real time out in the snow playing. He loved it of course, he tried to copy Daddy by throwing snow balls at Mommy too.
He is all about his cars "vrrrooom" He makes all the sound effects as he drives them around the house. We got this race track from a friend of ours a couple months ago. Love hand-me-downs! He plays a good part of the day with his cars. As soon as Daddy gets home, he is pulling him on the floor to play "cahrs"
This September, he took a Waddlers class. It was a gym class for Toddlers 12-24months. He went with his girlfriend Kayley. The first couple weeks he loved it and tried everything, the last 2 weeks he wasn't so keen on trying new things. He loved socializing with all the other kiddos though.

He loves playing with his cousins, and although 4 of his cousins moved away for the year. I am still glad he has the Macrory cousins living close by. I loved growing up with Cousins, and I hope Curtis can always experience that.

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