Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is RISEN!

Blessings to our family & friends near and far!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Curtis Showing Off...


Curtis knows a lot of words now, I actually got him to say some on the video tonight. Course once I said "byebye" all he wanted to do was go bye bye! Enjoy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Kayley!

Kayley is Curtis's BFF. They get together every Friday for play dates.

Although they were due only a week apart, they ended up 5 weeks apart.

Thanks to 1 early bird Curtis, and 1 stubborn Kayley ;)

This is there first meeting, how little and cute are they?!

A couple months ago

Most recent picture of them together

Happy 1st Birthday Beautiful Kayley!

We love you and are so glad you are friends with Curtis!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Curtis learning to put the eggs in the basket
Curtis & Cali with their eggs!
The Easter Bunny didn't really want to take a picture with us.
Curtis and his first taste of snow cone :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1 Year Old

Curtis is growing...

20lbs 12ounces / 25th percentile

31 1/2 inches tall / 95th percentile

Curtis is moving...

Crawling Everywhere

Pulling up /Standing on anything and everything

Still not confident on walking on his own yet

Mastered the stairs

Curtis Vocabulary...





Love You (sounds like lurv ugh)


Curtis Favorite Activities...

Talking Walks

Going to the Library

Visiting Cousins

Grocery Shopping

Watching Mickey Mouse

Playing Chase

Crawling up the stairs

Bath Time

Curtis Favorite Foods...



Green Peas

Black Beans


Due Date

..No I'm not pregnant, and no not the movie !

April 5th, was my original due date with Curtis. I looked forward to that date (or somewhere around that date) for such a long time. I would see it on my yogurt cup"expire on April 5th" and I would become giddy about it!

We first heard April 5th, after our 2nd ultrasound ( It was originally the 7th) but because Curtis was measuring small they moved it to the 5th.

On the 1st, I thought about the 5th and how it was coming up, then I almost forgot about it yesterday! Until late last night looking at my calendar I yelled to Bradley "It's the 5th! Our original due date!" He was confused for a moment, then realized why I was suddenly shouting dates at him : )

It is crazy to think that we would've been celebrating Curtis 1st birthday around this time, instead of a month ago. Amazing what plans God holds for each of our lives, including the unborn lives.

So here's to Curtis's "Due Date" He is "officially" 1 now
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