Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just "Us"

I am so glad that our talented photographer Lori Padilla Photography
took some time out of our family session to photograph just my husband and I. Sometimes as parents you can get lost in parenting and being a "family", it is nice to have moments captured of just us, as a couple.
Now this doesn't mean there aren't plenty of pictures of the family and our sweet boy, however Lori likes to be a tease and just posted those 3 pictures of us last night.
Can't wait to see the others, I am sure they will be equally as amazing.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Haircut

Itty bitty hair.. Little stinker wouldn't hold still...The back
The side
Don't worry Grandma's, he still has his curls on the top of his head.

Valentines Day 2011

Curtis had quite the 1st Valentines Day! Of course his only valentine was his Mommy. We had Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. Curtis got sunglasses and Mickey Mouse sippy cup from Mommy & Daddy.
We went out to pizza with the cousins and exchanged Valentine cards. Then we had a nice dinner as a family at home.
Grandma Halbert sent Curtis a sweet package in the mail. (See above pictures) He was so excited about the box, and all the tissue paper. His Grandma knows just what he likes, anything that makes musical noise! He loved all his instruments! Thanks Grandma!!
Until next Valentines day...

New Year-New Look

With a new year among us, I thought it was time for a new blog look. Whatcha think?

Our family has set some goals this year.

We have practical goals:
Paying off debt
Move into a home in August (currently live in a 3bd townhome)
Pay off our car in March
Sell Bradley's Truck
Buy a bigger 4 wheel drive family car.

We have one really exciting goal, and that is to add to our little family. Hopefully we will expect a new little Halbert by the end of this year or early 2012 (No not pregnant yet). Did I hear gasps? Bradley and I desire a large family, and with God's blessing are going ahead with our plan. We want our children close enough in age to enjoy playing with each other, and also close enough to do homeschooling together.

Bradley and I are super excited to explore Colorado this Summer, with Curtis. He loves being around people and nature. He is a little social bug, and gets very excited to see/experience new things!

Keep checking back for updates on our life, and of course updates and daily musings of our Courteous Curtis!
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