Monday, January 31, 2011

The Adorable Mr. Curtis

Super Bowl Sunday! Go Pack GO!

Snuggles with Daddy

"Is there something in my nose?"

"Oh Hi!"

Curtis has become quite the little mover. He loves to walk while holding onto your hands, his crawling is pretty funny, he likes to push his face into the carpet while crawling with his knees.
He loves to make all sorts of sounds with his mouth, his favorite is "rolling his r's" I am going to make him learn spanish later on in life, because he can roll his tounge so well!! It's pretty adorable. Right now he only has his 2 bottom front teeth. He is in a constant state of teething, but the top gum is looking pretty promising right now.

We believe he finally knows what "Mama" and "Dada" mean, though he likes to just yell at me "MAAAA" to get my attention. He loves my parents dog Melody, when Melody is in the other room and he is looking for her he calls out a sound that sounds like "Mel" it is pretty adorable. He is a big chatter box of babbles and screams.

He waves "Bye,bye" and can sign "All done" we are working on signing "Please" Recently this past week he has decided he wants to fed himself, I can normally get about 1/2 of his meal by spoon feeding, and then he wants to take over. Which makes for a very messy baby. His favorite food right now is speghetti, he could get bowls of it! He also loves snacking on bannanas/pears/blue berries. I recently mashed up some potatos and turnips, that he loved. Tonight we are going to try Parnsip, Carrot, Apple mixture. Trying to expand his veggies. This mama doesn't want a picky eater!!
Curtis loves his cousins, he gets very excited every time he see's them. We are blessed to have almost all of his cousins living within 10minutes of him (Miss you WA family!)
In just a month, my baby will be turning 1 years old! I can't believe it, he's becoming such a little toddler, rather than that "baby" look. He's getting taller and thining out, I know it's only a matter of time before he's walking and talking to us. *Sniffle*
As much as we can't believe our baby will be 1, we are excited for his Birthday / Party. He loves his Mickey Mouse, and the "Hot Dog" song. We have decided to go with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme, and I am busy collecting items and doing a lot of DIY decorations.

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