Friday, July 30, 2010

My Grammy...

Today is my Grammy's 80th Birthday.
She is one special Grammy.
Curtis is blessed to have her as his Great Grammy!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Curtis got his name!

Curtis Allen

The name Curtis comes from the French origin. In French the meaning of the name Curtis is: From a surname derived from the Old French 'Curteis' meaning Courteous.

Before marriage I had all my children named, Bradley had a few idea's himself. After we got pregnant all my names (and his) went out the window. It's amazing how once you are pregnant the names you daydreamed about in high school suddenly don't fit.

Bradley and I disagreed on pretty much every girl and boy name out there. We could veto 3 names off of each of our lists. (I wanted to veto all of his names!) We went back and forth with girl names, we had more girl names than boys. We had 2 weeks until the "Big" Ultrasound. We wanted to go in with 1 girl name and 1 boy name.
If the baby was a girl her name would've been
"Allison Paige"

If God blesses us with a girl in our future we won't be naming her Allison. That name feels like it belonged to that pregnancy. As much as we like it, we have some other girl names in our head that we like a lot more for future baby girl H.

Why are boy names so hard? Each night we'd lay in bed throwing out names, some really off the wall random names too. We'd read anything around the house that had a name on it and say "what about??" Randomly one night Bradley threw out the name 'Curtis'. I wasn't sure at first. Names have to grow on me, it takes me a couple of days to think through if I like the name or not. After a couple days go by I told Bradley that Curtis was really growing on me. We both tried using it when referring to the belly as "Curtis" and "Allison" this was before we knew the sex of the baby.

We decided that if Baby H was a boy his name would be "Curtis Allen"
Allen after his Fathers middle name, which also happens to be his Great Grandma Jean H.'s maiden name. Lots of family roots for Allen.

When we saw the ultrasound and our sweet baby boy's profile, we knew it was the perfect name for him.

Hince the blog name "Courteous Curtis" Our son has to live up to his name and be very courteous! :)

Much Love,

Part Two: Becoming a Mother

Before I was pregnant I was planning our wedding, which took a toll on my body. I was underweight and stressed. Even with some minor health issues, I still thought I'd have a healthy full term pregnancy. It never entered my mind that I would be on bed rest, let alone have a preemie son. Another Mothering lesson learned: expect the unexpected. After going into preterm labor at 34 weeks (read about it here) I was released from the hospital, put on bed rest and hydrotherapy (Submerging my body in water for 30 minutes 3 times a day) It was time for me to cross my legs and wait until my Midwife or Baby says it's time to come out!

Feelings of failure entered my mind quite often during that time, and to be honest still do. Through the support of an encouraging and understanding Husband, I was able to see that even though I might not carry our baby to term, this was God's plan and design for my pregnancy. (it took me awhile to grasp that) Every day I thanked our Heavenly Father that he had blessed me with one more day of pregnancy. I felt peace over our son and knew deep down he would be just fine.

The first time I experienced "Mothers intuition" was 3 days before our son was born. I had been on bed rest for 2 weeks and still had a laundry list of things to get done before the big day. Bradley along with my Mother completed as much as they could, but my nesting mood was in full swing. Bradley had to practically tie me to the couch at night, I always wanted to do one more thing! Wednesday I called my Mom up and asked her to take me to the store so I could pick up some last minute items for our hospital bags. Like any mother she protested and said "Just give me the list and I will get everything for you" For some reason I just felt I needed to get out and get those last minute items myself. Thursday night Bradley and I finished packing the last minute items into our bags, and the diaper bag. We had everything lined up in the living room. I just kept having this nagging feeling that it wasn't going to be long before Curtis was here. The next morning I went in for a NST test (Non stress test, monitors babies heart rate and contractions) and that's when I realized my Mothers intuition was right, I was being induced that evening!
(Read my birth story here)

Some women describe the moment they became a Mother was the first time they held their child. The moment I became a Mother was when I saw those 2 pink lines. The first time I held my son was the moment I became a Parent. The weight of responsibility that weighed on my shoulders in the first 24 hours of his life was incredible. It was the most daunting, amazing, wonderful, emotional, happiest, exciting time in my life.

I will forever remember the moments I became a Mother and a Parent.

Much Love,

Care to venture into Parenthood with me? Next week will be all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a first time mom.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Part One: Becoming a Mother

Ever since I first played "house" with my baby dolls, I immediately knew this is what I was created to do. Except swap out the plastic baby doll for a real baby. Growing up I knew my Mother had the best job in the world, I mean after all she got to play house all day right?! I wanted to be just like her, she made it seem effortless.
Christmas 2008
Nothing says Mom & Daugther like matching shirts!
Fast forward through 22 years of my life to March 13th, 2010 and I am a mom. I finally get my chance to play house all day! Can you tell I might have been in denial about a few things?
I learned during the 9 hours of labor and 45 minutes of pushing my child into this world. Mothering is not effortless!

I am blessed with a husband who is able to provide for our family which allows me to be a stay at home Mom. Because of his hard work I am able to fulfill my life's dream. I am sure he wasn't expecting to take on the role of sole provider a month after he said "I Do!" but he embraced it all the same.

Curtis wasn't a surprise and he wasn't planned. He was given to us at the perfect time made by our perfect Creator. Although we were in shock on July 26th when we both looked down on two pink lines, we both knew this is what we were meant to do. God had given us the desire of our hearts and in trusted the most precious thing in this world for us to raise in the image of Him! Talk about pressure.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I instantly became a mother. I no longer could think selfishly about my needs, I had to focus on what is best for the baby. Everything I ate and drank I thought twice about how this would effect my growing baby. Amazing what two pink lines can do to you! When I went into pre-term labor at 34 weeks I did everything I could think of and Doctors told me, in order to protect my baby and keep him safe inside. In that moment I grew a little bit more into the Mom role.

I got my first taste of "Mom failure" when we found out Curtis was small for his gestational age and their wasn't enough fluid around him. I went into panic mode and felt like I failed my baby. The one place for him to be safe was becoming dangerous for him. I had plenty of time for these feelings to roll around in my head since I was put on bed rest until further notice.

I will be back with Part 2 of becoming a Mother and how I made it through my first failure as a Mom later this weekend.

Much Love,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ella Said..

"Curtis's hands feel like the sting rays I touched at the zoo (Aquarium)"
*She was referring to the slippery drool all over Curtis's hands*


Curtis is 4 months old!
He loves chewing on his Sophie and Turtle.

He also loves to drool. Curtis has been working on 1 tooth for over a month now. It's been fun for Mommy and Daddy....
He loves to grab at toys and blankets. He often covers his face in the car seat with his blanket and plays a game of peekaboo with himself and the bear mirror (mirror so I can see him while driving)
His new trick is blowing raspberries! He loves to bzzz his lips when he has lots of spit on them and soaks his shirt.
At feeding time he loves to lean back upside down away from Mommy and talk to the fake tree.
He is starting to giggle/squeal. You have to catch him in the right mood but he likes to be kissed/nommed (our word for kissing/pretend eating him) under his arms and by his neck, those are the yummy spots!
We had to reschedule his 4 month doctors appointment until August 9th.
As soon as we go in to the doctors we will update you with all his stats!
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