Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stomach Bugs, Colds, Ear Infections, Pink Eye..Oh MY!

Curtis enjoying his first "tummy time"

This week our extended family (+us) got hit hard will illness. My sister's family plus Mom got the stomach bug. My other sister (who's visiting) children have pink eye, and ear infection. Cashel, Bradley, and I all have a cold!!

Needless to say are tired of sickness and are praying for healing, FAST!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess Who...

The Macrory's (minus James) are visiting..and tasting snowflakes.
Don't you wish you lived here?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rub a dub dub......

....Curtis in a tub....

1 Month Old!

Can't believe our little boy is already a month old!
Besides a minor stuffy nose he is perfectly healthy. At his 1 month appointment he weighed 8pounds 1/2ounce 21 inches long!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

March 13th 2010

Curtis Allen Halbert

March 13th, 2010


5pounds 4.8ounces

19inches long

March 12th, 2010 1pm

I arrived at my Midwifes office for a NST (Non stress test) I was having them done twice weekly since going into preterm labor at 34 weeks. My Midwife wasn't there, so I met with another OB in the practice, after being hooked up to monitors for 30 minutes he started to notice dips in Curtis's heart rate. He decided it would be best to do an ultrasound and check my fluid level. 2 days before hand my fluid level was up to 10cm (Right around normal) so I wasn't to concerned that my levels were low.

When they started the U/S I immediately saw there wasn't as much fluid as there had been. Dr. started taking measurements, and finally said “I'm only getting 4cm” since dealing with low fluid I had been told by a high risk Dr. that if the fluid level gets to 4cm and below they take the baby. My emotions started getting worked up knowing what he would say next his words were “I think its time to meet your baby” he then explained that because of the low fluid the cord was being pinched by Curtis's head, causing the dips in his heart rate. He left the room to call my Midwife to discuss options.

My midwife suggested I go meet with the neonatologist doctor that we had met with at 34 weeks, get a better/clearer ultrasound and see what she says. I call Bradley (He was at work because after all I was just going in for a “easy” NST) fill him in, without trying to panic him! We meet at our house, gather our bags and car seat (just in case, although in my mind I knew I would be having this baby)

Mom, Bradley and I drove up to the Dr.'s office (attached to our hospital) We first meet with an ultrasound technician, she starts taking measurements of baby. Tells us he is around 5lbs 1oz (Tiny!)

Then the neonatologist comes in, says she is measuring 6cm of fluid (better then what the OB was measuring) She then suggests that taking him early will be the best. That he will do better outside the womb then in because of the cord compression and low weight. After asking a million questions about how he would do being little and premature etc... we knew it would be the best choice.

Knowing that once admitted into the hospital you are not “allowed” to eat anything, I was thinking I would have time to go from the Dr.'s office into the car and eat a protein bar really fast (I had lunch at 12:30pm it was now 4pm) However my plans were ruined when they said they needed to wheel me over to the hospital (the two buildings are attached) So off we went...HUNGRY!

Once admitted into labor and deliver, I met my nurse (from Ireland) was hooked up to an IV and started on antibiotics (penicillin) for the Strep B I had tested positive to weeks earlier. Found out I was 2cm dilated 75% effaced.

I was semi-sitting up talking to Bradley and Heather when I decided that I needed to use the restroom. I began getting into a sitting position at the end of the bed when 2 nurses rushed into our rooms with panicked faces. They “threw” me down on my back/side and started searching for Curtis heart rate (with the monitors) when they couldn't find a strong enough heartbeat they began getting ready an internal monitor (Hooks onto the baby's head to get an accurate reading..I did NOT want this) Because I was only 2cm dilated the nurse had a hard time getting to the baby's head (can we say..OUCH!) They were able to get a reading on the monitor and decided not to do the internal and instead keep me on my side until Diana (Midwife) got back.

Emotions at this point were crazy. It freaked us all out...and to think I just wanted to go the bathroom!

5:30pm Diana is back, thinks the nurses are crazy for wanting to rush to put an internal monitor in (I love my midwife) She says its time to break my water and see what that will do for my contractions.

After breaking my water I start getting more contractions and are starting to feel them. Diana decides to give me till 8pm before we start pitocin (another thing I did NOT want) to see if my contractions pick up on there own...and boy did they! They put in an amniotic fluid transfer, basically a catheter going into the uterus pumping saline around the baby to keep the cord from being compressed. I was “bed ridden” at this point.

*Side Note- My nice Irish nurse leaves me with a rude/annoying New Jersey nurse..I did not like this woman*

8pm having irregular contractions coming every 2-4 minutes or every 1-2 minutes lasting 40seconds (around there) nothing really “regular” about them. Diana decides not to give me pitocin and just ride it out for awhile.

This is were time gets a little fuzzy for me. The basics are, my contractions were still irregular, coming on hard. I would go from no pain to instant really painful contraction (no gradual incline) the intensity would drop down half way then go back up again before returning all the way down.( Hope that makes sense) Bradley, Heather and Mom were all great supporters and I was able to breathe through the contraction and really focus on relaxing through them. (Easier said than done!)

After 7.5 hours of labor I was checked again only to find I was 3cm...ugh...disappointing to say the least. I was unable to move around in different positions to help progress labor like I originally hoped to. Due to the catheter/heart rate etc..earlier in labor I had already met with an anesthesiologist and signed papers just in case of an emergency c-section. I looked at Bradley, trying not to feel like I am a complete failure and told him I wanted an epidural (Heather had asked the nurse about other drug choices, but an epi is the only one that won't effect the baby) Because it felt like I was in transition almost the entire time I knew I wouldn't have the strength to keep laboring on let alone push this kid out.

At 1am the anesthesiologist came in. I was able to sit up on the side of the bed and to lean on the nurse while Bradley sat in a chair next to me rubbing my feet. I felt no pain from the epidural or even the local going in to numb me. He did have to try in 3 different spots to get it in right (my Dad was beginning to question his ability hehe) about 20 minutes after it was placed I felt relief...oh my goodness what a difference! I was still able to feel the contractions/pressure in my bottom (just not nearly as strong) I could still lift my legs and move them around. Which is what I wanted..I did not want to be completely numb! Around 1:45-2am I was checked again to find I was 6cm 90%...Wow!!

After resting for awhile, I was checked again and was 10cm with just a little left to efface. Around 2:50-3:00ish I began pushing..and boy did it feel “Good” to push! I was laying slightly on my back during pushing so I wasn't able to use gravity as much as I wanted (We aren't really sure why I didn't move into a different position, perhaps because of the epidural, his heart rate etc) I wanted to use the mirror so I could focus on what/where I was pushing, I loved using the mirror towards the end of pushing I couldn't focus on the mirror anymore and just focused on pushing. (Highly suggest using a mirror it was really neat to see what was going on)

After around 45 minutes of pushing Curtis Allen came into our world! He came out screaming, music to my ears as we were afraid his lungs wouldn't be developed enough. He stayed on my chest for awhile before the pediatrician really needed to look at him and make sure he was okay (since he was preemie) Bradley and I are very much in love with this little boy and are so grateful that God blessed us with a safe and healthy labor/delivery. We are thankful that Curtis is 100% perfect after coming into our world a little early.

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