Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Update on Curtis and I

This is coming from a very tired pregnant brain. Please excuse grammar/spelling errors!

February 26th, Friday

9am 34week Appointment

Went to our typical 34 weeks Midwife appointment. Had the routine blood pressure checked, pee in a cup, heartbeat check. Our Midwife (Diana) noticed I was measuring a few weeks behind in fundal height, but had grown since my last appointment. She felt around my belly and noticed it was pretty much JUST baby not a lot of "squishiness" out of curiosity she brought in the portable ultrasound machine.

Once I was all gooped up on the belly she started the U/S. She noticed my fluid level was low and had a hard time finding "pockets" of fluid around Curtis. She began taking some measurements and wasn't liking what she found. She then went over Curtis's chest to watch it and see if he was making any breathing motions. After about 10 minutes he still didn't make any breathing motions.

She left us in the exam room to go make a call. When she returned she informed us that we would be making a trip to the hospital to be monitored, have a more in depth ultrasound, and meet with a high risk OB.

10:00am - Drove to the hospital, was admitted into room 311 (Nicer room with tub/wireless monitoring) Met our nurse Patty. Was hooked up to the monitors, and instructed to drink a big jug of water within the next 15 minutes. Once on the monitors it started picking up little contractions about 3-4 minutes apart. I felt some of them, some of them I did not.

12:00pm I started feeling each one. I could tell Bradley when one would start, and about 10 seconds later it showed up on the monitor. The nurse had me order lunch and lay on my side to see if that would help stop the contractions.

1:30pm After lunch and resting my contractions seemed to increase even more. Coming every 2-3 minutes lasting about 20 seconds long. The nurse called Diana (who hadn't arrived at the hospital yet) and Diana instructed her to give me an internal exam to see if I was progressing any. Found out I am 1cm dilated 50% effaced.

2:00pm An ultrasound technician came and took us down the hall to an US room. She started taking measurements of Curtis and measuring his fluid level. Mean while the high risk OB came in and talked with us about what low fluid could mean etc. That's when we found out Curtis's belly was measuring small (31 weeks 2 days instead of 34 weeks 3 days) The OB didn't really have an answer for why he would be small in his belly. They checked the placenta and cord to make sure the blood flow was okay. All that checked out so he was getting the right nutrition, just not enough apparently. The OB left so the technician could do a Biophysical. Basically watch his chest for 30 minutes to see if he makes the breathing motion for 30 seconds. The clock was ticking and he wasn't "breathing" we had 40 seconds left in the 30 minute period and Curtis started breathing!! He JUST passed the test..little stinker likes teasing Mommy and Daddy!

2:45pm High risk OB comes in talks to us about the test, says Curtis is in the 15th percentile, and I had 9cm of fluid. She said she would make her recommendation to Diana and let her talk with us. If Curtis was below 10th percentile and the fluid was below 4cm that is when they would take him early.

3:00pm Still contracting, my nurse Patty talks with Diana (who's delivering a baby in the next room)She decides to give me a shot of Terbutaline to stop my contractions.

3:15pm Shot hurt like crazy, felt like liquid fire going through my arms. It immediately made my heart rate go up and I started to shake a bit. Even though it felt like I was on a huge caffeine kick it relaxes the uterus to stop contracting. It worked almost immediately.

4:00pm Diana comes in to talk with us about the results of everything. Says I need to be put on modified bed rest and increase my calorie intake. So rest, rest,rest, eat,eat,eat, and drink,drink,drink. She also suggests I do Hydrotherapy. Soaking in a bath tub a couple times a day to help with circulation/fluid. Also will send me home with an Rx of Procardia to stop any contractions I might have when I get home. At this point she says we can be released at 6pm as long as everything still looks okay on the monitors.

5:00pm Patty comes in says my uterus is starting to become "irritable" again. So she gets me started on the procardia to relax my uterus.

6:00pm Finally released to go home! After 8 hours at the hospital, I was free to go.

Since then I have been resting a lot, drinking a ton of water and eating lots! My husband is on a mission to fatten Curtis and I up! He's been amazing at keeping me relaxed and "down" He's taken care of all the dishes/laundry etc.. I couldn't have done it without him!

I have had some cramping/contractions here and there but nothing really until Monday night. Seriously thought this boy was going to fall out of me! He was very low and cramping/contractions woke me up at 3am. That was the first time that I took the procardia pill.

March 3rd, Wednesday
9am 35 week appointment

At today's appointment we had an ultrasound to check on the fluid. This time the fluid level was 7.5cm so still "low" but not extremely low. They placed me on the monitors to make sure I wasn't contracting and to make sure baby was okay. Everything checked out there. I haven't progressed any farther still just 1cm. (which is great considering I've had a lot of cramping)

The plan now is:

If I have any more cramping contractions until next Wednesday I will continue to take procradia to stop them.

Friday (3/5) go in and put on the NST monitors make sure baby is still doing good.

Wednesday (3/10) go in for regular 36week appointment, Ultrasound to check fluid and baby weight.

After Wednesday they won't try and stop labor anymore. So prayers that Curtis gains lots of weight this week and hopefully stay in there for a few more weeks!

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