Monday, September 28, 2009

While the parents are away...

.... the children will play...

Melody and I have been keeping each other "company" while I doggy-sit her.
My parents left for Germany yesterday to go pick up/visit my Sister, Brother-in-law, & kiddos. So the pup stays with Bradley and I. I tried to convince Bradley this was good "practice" for us. (He dissagreed)

We spend our days at the shop, our nights watching Mom & Dad's movie channels. Thankfully it is a "short" trip over to Germany. All of them (minus Aaron BIL) will be home next Wednesday, I can't wait to see my nieces and nephew. The have grown so much in the past 3 months. I have great plans when they get back.

1) Visit The White Fence Farm (I hear they have the best fritters in all of the west)
2) Visit a pumpkin patch.
3) Make pumpkin goodies!!

Dad, Mom, Heather, Ella, Cayden, and Clara...hurry home...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

12 Week Lime...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bump Watch: 12 Weeks

Yes those are holes in my shirt (its my favorite layering tank)
Yes those are maternity pants (thanks Mom!) They are super comfortable!

Cover your udders Ladies!

I was pleasantly surprised to find my very own "Udder Cover" in my mail box today. I was thought for sure it was on back order until late October.
I heard about this promo going on over at for a free nursing cover just pay the 8.95 shipping! When checking out you put in the discount code "Backorder" and $32.00 is instantly taken off (the cost for 1 cover)
Granted it will be quite a few more months before I am in need of such a product. However..I like to plan ahead :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What do you crave?

My Cravings haven't been to out of the ordinary. Friends or family will be around me saying telling me what they are either making for dinner or dessert..and I instantly crave it. The craving will not go away until I have devoured it into my stomach.

For example the lovely Poskey family was visitng my family and their beautiful daugther was telling us how they are making egg rolls for her birthday dinner..not to mention they are REALLY good egg rolls-homemade! I wanted egg rolls sooo badly. Then my amazing pregnant Sister-in-law Amy had her Asian friend come over and teach her how to make egg rolls and fried rice... Amy proceeded to send me a picture of this wonderful meal! (Torture!)

I have yet eaten egg rolls......

Monday, September 21, 2009

Belly Laughs

I am starting this book tonight...I hear it is hilarious!
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Counting Blessings..

"From the fullness of grace, we have recieved one blessing after another- John 1:6"

Blessing me with this pregnancy

Blessing me with 11 weeks of NO morning sickness..praise Jesus!

Giving us a healthy and beautiful 11 weeks of our unborn baby

Making my Husband a Father (He is going to be amazing!)

Our Little Easter Bunny

It dawned on Bradley and I the other day that my due date falls on the day after Easter (Resurrection Day)

Granted the chances of Baby actually coming on my due date is slim, it is an exciting thought that our Baby will be due around the time Christ rose from the dead!

*The picture is a weird way*

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10 Week Bump

July 26th 2009.....

the 2nd greatest day in my life (thus far)

It was a Sunday morning. I had a dream the night before that I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. I woke up told Bradley about this, we had been suspecting that I might be. So he suggests I take a H.P.T.
Nervously I took the test. We both watched it and waited for the 2nd blue line to appear in the window. There it was the faint faint faint faint FAINT 2 blue line. I was convinced I was pregnant, my Husband...not so much. We went out and bought more pregnancy tests, the pink lined ones, and a digital one. We took the pink one first (least expensive) however no lines were showing up. So we assumed it was a defective stick. I took the digital (yes+ no-) test next, Bradley set a timer and made us both sit on the couch...
Once that darn timer went off we both jetted off the couch into the bathroom to discover..

Flash forward to 9 Weeks 1 Day:

We told our family, finally leaked it out on was semi-official.

September 2nd 3pm I had my first prenatal appointment.
Bradley and I arrived 15 minutes early, filled out the massive amount of paper work.
After the family history, personal history, blood pressure, temperature, weigh in.

We finally got down to business..

The business of seeing our little one on the ultrasound screen!

INTRODUCING .....Baby Halbert

Our little Easter Baby is due April 6th, 2010!
In this picture he/she was 2.27cm (Barely an inch long)
Our Midwife got it to do a little dance for us as well.
We are in love...
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