Thursday, August 8, 2013

They Do Exist

Why yes, we're alive. I'm thinking summertime+blog=silence. Every year around the summer may-august I seem to just disappear in the blog world. 

So here's a little update on what's been going on. I've started up an etsy shop with my sisters. LeBrae Boutqiue It's been fun, and grown pretty good over the past month. 
Be sure to check our shop and like our FB page 

The kiddos are doing really well, Curtis has sprouted up so tall this summer. He is really into playing with his cars/firetrucks and rescuing people. He loves his Sister, although now that she's starting to fight back with taking away toys, he does start to get annoyed with her ;)

Bradley is super busy with work, summertime is the busy season. He's still super dad when at home though, and his kiddos adore him. 

I'm just busy with our etsy shop, helping my moms business as well. Kids, cleaning,laundry, ah the life :) 

Now don't be too surprised if I don't post on here for another month...Winter time seems to be my best writing inspiration apparently. I think my blog is a seasonal blog. ha :) 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Catch the Moment | June

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Catch The Moment

For Mothers day we went to The Broadmoore hotel for bowling and dinner. Here are a few moments caught from that day. 

Daddy/Uncle Bradley leading the kids to see a baby duck and his mama on the lake.

My dad, sitting down after taking pictures on his phone of the kids. 
My Nieces, Nephew, Curtis & Evelyn. Bird watching. Love my niece Noelles love for our Evelyn.

Dad, Mom, Sister, and Niece walking to dinner.

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Catch The Moment

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Part One | Florida 2013

Since we are back tracking for awhile..Here is our Florida vacation from the beginning of May. It was a last minute decision (2weeks notice) to fly to Florida for a long weekend to visit Bradley's family. Summer is the busiest time for Bradley's work, so true summer vacations are out. The tickets prices were right, so we jumped on them. 

Our flight was later in the afternoon, allowing the kids both to nap. Brad and I had a hard time being motivated to finish packing when our kiddos just wanted to snuggle 

Denver International Airport
 Designed to mimic the Rockies behind it. 

Waiting at the gate, Kiddos did great through security. Curtis was nervous about going through, he didn't want to take his shoes off. Eventually he took them off after a power struggle,  only for the TSA to tell me kids 12 and under don't have to take their shoes off. I wore Evelyn through the metal detector in the Ergo, they had to swipe my hands though for chemicals afterwards. But much better than going through the full-body scanner. Brad held Curtis through the metal dector as well. 

To say Curtis wasn't excited would be a total lie. This kid could NOT wait to go on the plane. Once boarded he kept asking every 2secs if we were in the air. Once we lifted off, he was in heaven. Evelyn couldn't have cared less, and decided to nurse/fall asleep on the take off. Perfect for her little ears. 




We landed at 10:30EST, so 8:30 MST. The kids were tired, but they were awesome on the hour drive to Grandma and Papa's house. 

 The only thing that could top riding on an airplane for Curtis, was Papa's boat. Kid was in heaven. The boys went out fishing the first day, while Evelyn, Grandma and I relaxed in the AC! :) 

That afternoon we played in the pool, albeit chilly. 
I wasn't going to get in until someones husband (certainly mine would never cough
threw me in. 

My hair bounced up 2inches in Fl.
I forgot how curly my hair really gets in the south/humidity. 

Part two! The beach sunset, coming at ya soon!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hi Friends,

I'm beginning to notice a pattern in my blog-life. It seems for the past 3 bloggy years, I have kind of fall off the blog-world between april-june. I don't know if it's "writers block", life with 2 kids, or the fact that May/June bring Mothers day, My Birthday, Husbands Birthday, Fathers Day, and our Anniversary. Throw in a vacation in there, and well it makes for a busy few months. 

I've opened up this screen many times, knowing I haven't updated Evelyn's 7 month post, knowing I got asked to do sponsor posts last month, that I didn't take up. The guilt was eating up at me, till I finally just shut the computer down and walked away. No explanation to the blog world, I just disappeared for awhile 
(unless you followed me on Instagram or Facebook) 

Until today,  I thought I'm going to write a blog post. It won't be perfect, it won't have beautifully edited pictures, it may not even make any sense. But it is. It's a start to opening up this blog again. 

I miss my bloggy-friends, I hope you missed me too (or remember who I am in this blog-world) 

So here's to new posts, updates, and most of all pictures of my adorable kiddos.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Evelyn Dawn | 6 Months Old

Weight: 14.5lbs 

Eating:  She is still nursing, every 3.5-4hours and at night we can't seem to kick the 11pm and 5am feedings yet. We did start her on solids! Her first foods was Peas. She gobbled them up, like a pro. Since then she's had Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans, Pears, Apples, and Banana. Unlike her brother, she had no gagging issues. She even ate the home made carrot puree which was a bit chunky. She eats 2x a day. Breakfast/Dinner. 

Sleeping: She had a couple weeks of regressing in sleep, once we introduced solids she was back to sleeping longer stretches. I think she needed that added nutrients to get her through the night. Nap time we are still working on, most days she ends up taking two naps in the morning/lunch time, each lasting 30-1hour. Then in the afternoon she'll nap 2-3hours.

Milestones: Besides rolling, (only when she deems necessary) she loves to sit up and is really quite good at it. She can last about 5 minutes with a toy in front of her. Other wise she flops to her belly to reach a different toy. 

She's such a happy baby, she loves to smile and adores her brother. She starts to squeal/screech at him when he walks by and doesn't pay attention to her. Her hair is finally coming in, dark too! total opposite of the blondie Curtis is. Be interesting to see if it stays that way.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mom's 60!

My Momma turned 60 on the 31st (Also Easter Sunday) We celebrated with just us girls a week before her birthday. We surprised her with a tea at Glen Eryie Castle in Colorado Springs. On our way there we ran into some goats, which caused us to be late to the tea. 
Oh Colorado and your wildlife!

The Ladies 
(minus my sister taking the picture) 

 Our first tea together!

My beautiful Mom, does not look 60!
 praying the Lord blessed me with her aging genes!! 

Left To Right: Sharon, Annamarie, Heather(sister), Dawn (mom), Evelyn, Me, Cashel (Sister)

Happy Birthday Mom! 
Love you, and praying for 60 can do 120 right? :) 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Two Kids | The Good & The Bad

Here are some examples of my reality of having two kids... Do your kids do this to you too? 

The Bad

When mommy's patience is gone and I'm trying my hardest to not get annoyed as is throwing the toys at Evelyn on the play mat. The times he's crushing her by putting his entire body weight on her, and won't move until I pick him up (Even if she's crying at him)  Or pushing in the paci into her mouth when she doesn't want/need it.  He's not meaning it meanly towards her, he's just being a 3 year old and sometimes the concept of gentle goes out the window. 

The Good

Curtis & Evelyn carry on quite the conversations lately. Evelyn with her babbling and grunting, Curtis with is "Sweet Girl "Aw I just love you" and his ever favorite phrase "Ooh Look at Etta-Wynn Mom, aw she's cute" He adores her just so. He never complains if I ask him to hand mommy a diaper, or quick run and grab a paci! He's very attentive to her needs. He always makes sure she has her toys. When she's on the play mat, he will often have me scoot over, so he can chat with her. I'm beyond blessed he loves his little sister.

The Bad

The days where Curtis pouts around the house, because I simply cannot give him the attention he needs that day. When Evelyn is having a "high maintenance day" or needing extra snuggles before nap time, which results in my 3 year old pouting/crying in the hall because I told him to be quiet 2x already and not to wake his sister who just fell asleep. 
The times were he wants to go bye-bye and run errands like we use to. Just me and him. However now the planning, the diaper bag, the arranging schedules, the clothes, hats, coats, carseat, stroller that all have to be arranged to go out the door, makes impromptu "adventures" in the car rare. 

The Good

The times Bradley and I go on dates with Curtis. Making sure he's loved on,  snuggled, and has that attention he needs. Our dates might consist of a grocery store run, or a bank stop.  Most of the time accompanied by a drive-thru drink or treat. We try to make it happen 1x a week, but sometimes that's not feasible. Sometimes it's just taking 10-15 minutes playing trains, or cars with him without the distraction of lil sister around. We can always tell when he starts acting up at night around bed time, if he hasn't had enough mommy or daddy time. 

The Bad
Meal Time

It is inevitable, every time I sit down to eat my breakfast/lunch/dinner a kid needs me. either a "i gotta go poop mom!" or a crying hungry baby. Even if I wait to eat my lunch when there down for nap, those tend to be the days evelyn goes "Ha! what nap, I just had a 20min power sleep" 50% of the time I sit down to nurse Evelyn, Curtis ends up falling or crying about something. Sometimes he refuses to go potty on his own (Even though he can do it by himself) I'm sure part of it is jealousy because I'm spending 1 on 1 time nursing Evelyn, but a lot of the time it's just pure coincident.    

The Good

This is only temporary. Pretty soon all 3 of us can sit down to lunch in peace. Evelyn will soon go in a high chair, Curtis well..he will most likely always have that mid-lunch poop. His system is programmed that way I swear. ;) 

Eventually evelyn's nursing times will spread out, and there will be fewer times I will have to stop mid-nurse to wipe a butt, or kiss a boo-boo. (not that I mind it THAT much) 

The Bad
Bed Time

If Bradley is at work late, and I have to do the bath/bed routine by myself. Seriously major props to single moms/military wives, who have to deal with a toddler/baby at bed time. Trying to balance PJ's, nursing, making sure the toddlers quiet while I put the baby down, or making sure the baby's quiet while I tuck the boy in. It's a never ending process. 
The times when the kids decide to split nights. My toddler who never wakes up at night, ends up waking up for 2hrs at 2am, while his sister who hasn't slept through the night (Because of RSV/Colds) in weeks finally does an 8hour stretch. Isn't that always the case? 

The Good
Can I get an amen for helpful husbands? Bradley is awesome at bed time, We swap who bathes what kid, and who gets their pj's on. He reads books while I put Evelyn down, then I go in for the final bed time song/kiss. We make a great team, and I'd likely loose my sanity without his helpful self. (as noted above)

The nights where they both STTN?...That my friends is a WIN! I cannot wait until that is the new normal (soon! Sleep training is in the near future!) 

Am I the only crazy mom that deals with these issues? 
I have a feeling I'm not alone. 

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